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Action "The World through Children's Eyes"

The World through Children's Eyes

Karelian branch of Russian fund of culture
Address: 185620 Petrozavodsk, Lenin Str., 2
Telephone/fax: +7(8142)775271

Karelian branch of Russian fund of culture holds an action "The World through Children's Eyes" in the Internet. On the eve of a new millenium we'd like to show the world through the eyes of children, because they will have to live in it.

You might send us your drawings, graphic works, dedicated to the history, culture, nature of your countries in an electronic form to publish them on the pages of Karelian branch of Russian fund of culture of official server of the Republic of Karelia or a message addressed to with your back Internet address and the mark "The World through Children's Eyes".

By the results of the action not only virtual world of children's drawings and poems might be created in the Internet, but also a printed album might be published, so the authors could send their photos, stories about themselves and their home towns. You might tell us that you are willing to take part in the action.

First of all we invite to participate in the action the residents of the Republic of Karelia, sister-towns of the capital of the Republic of Karelia the city of Petrozavodsk. They are: Neubrandenbourg, Varcaus, Tyubingen, La Roshel, Umeo, Duluth, Mo-i-ran.


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