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Troupe of the Gornitsa theatre

Troupe of the Gornitsa theatre

The folklore theatre reviving and propagandizing traditional culture of the aboriginal population of the republic - Karelians, Veppsians, Finns, Ingermalandians, Russina. It was founded in 1987 by ballet master and specialist in folklore Viola Malmi as the Karelskaya Gornitsa (The Karelian Chamber) ensemble. Theatre life of the Gornitsa has begun with creation of thematic festivals based on local traditions (Conversation in Zaonezie, Kindasovo Facts and Fables, Röntushki, Runes of Kalevala, etc.).

Since 1994 the Gornitsa together with inhabitants of Ranua commune (in the north of Finland) works on implementation of the project on creation of landscape folklore performances on based on the runes of Kalevala: The Fight for Sampo (1995), The Birth of Kantele (1997), Northern Wedding (1999), The Bear Shamanistic Ritual (2000), Kullervo (2001), Pages of the Stone Book together with the Russian Drama Theatre (2003).

The Gornitsa folklore theatre performs on tours in Russia and abroad, participates in the H.Malmi international competition. In the ensemble there are professional and amateur musicians.

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