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The Days of Karelia in Moscow


The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Speaking

"We are partners equal in rights".
Such is the summary of the Days of Karelia in Moscow .

The Days of Karelia in Moscow were much spoken of in mass-media. But being rather a significant event, we might as well sum up.

To my mind, the Days of Karelia in Moscow proved that we have chosen the right strategy for the republic. The strategy was declared during pre-election program and it proved to be correct. The essence of the program comes down to the following: "the republic might and must be a partner of Moscow equal in rights.".

Actually, it`s humiliating to behave as beggars and always go to Moscow to ask for money. Beggars are not choosers. It`s a shame to expect our problems to be solved in Moscow.

The new Government tries to realise all the potentials of the republic and, inspite the August crisis, we achieved some positive results. First of all the results are evident in forest complex: the forest resourse use, tax payment. The loggings have been increased, the salary debts have been increased.

A lot of closed enterprises started working again. They are: "Segezhabumprom", "Pitkyaranta", wood-proccessing, light and food industry enterprises. We were ready to show our achievments in Moscow.

More than 70 enterprises presented its production at the exhibition "Karelia-99" в "Expocenter" on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. Funiture, news paper, paper bag, plywood, boats, skis, trail tractors, books, souveniers etc.

Moscovites tried solted trout, caviar, meat, ice-cream and sour cream and drank the products of Petrozavodsk liquer-vodka plant "Petrovsky".

Women of fashion crowded in fur coat pavillion. Fur coats made of silver fox cost 12-14 000 rbl . It`s a reasonable price for Moscovites.

"Онтекс" factory showed originally designed wool garments.

Yury Luzhkov marked high quality of Karelian sawn materials, paper, shungite, our Karelian sorts of brandy "Klyukovka" and "Bolsam", he also highlighted that Moscow authorities are interested in Karelian products.

It`s evident that Karelian economics needs investments badly. In this context Moscow agreement is tremendously important for us.

Signed in last December the Agrement on trade-economic, research and cultural cooperation between Moscow and Karelia is being realised to the benefits of both sides. As a result of "Exspocenter" exhibiton 40 agreements were signed, about 400 commercial proposals were discussed. A lot of our enterprises found partners in Mocsow.

Moscow banks are going to increse investments in Karelia. Namely, the leaders of a bank "Vozrozhdenie" promised to give credit on easy terms for poultry development in the sum of 12 mln rbl.

Moscovites couldn`t believe: "that Karelia is rich not only with Kizhi and Valaam ", Frankly, I was pleased to hear these compliments. But it was also pleasant to find that our delegation admired our products. "Do we really produce this wonderful furniture? We can`t believe! And these woolen dresses? And fur coats?"

We are proud of our republic and believe in its prosperous future - this the most important result of the Days of the republic in Moscow.

I also should mention the exhibition of fine arts in Maly Manezh and great success of the theaterilised performance"The Songs of our kin", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of full publishing of Karelian-Finnish epos"Kalevala". The most prestigeous concert hall of Moscow"Russia" was full. Two and a half thousand spectators applauded our actors.

We are thankful to Boris Yeltsin for his greetings and Yury Luzhkov who tried his best to make the Days of Karelia in Moscow a success.

I am also greatful to all enterprise leaders presented their production at the exhibition "Expocenter", to our actors, artists, scientists -to all the participants of the Days of the Republic of Karelia in Moscow.

The mayer of the capital viewed the Days of Karelia as a powerful progressive factor. And we would do anything to make Karelia powerful and prosperous.

Sergey Katanandov
The Head of the Government
of the Republic of Karelia

The schedule of the days of the republic of Karelia in Moscow

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