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Social and Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2009


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  Results of 2009

Innovation Development Policy

In the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as of November 12, 2009 the main emphasis was made on the necessity of modernization and technological renovation of the entire industrial sphere.

The adopted Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia through 2020 provides transition to the innovative stage of development, increase in the contribution of innovations in sustainable economic development.

In 2009 the Government of the Republic of Karelia has prepared amendments to the Strategy in view of adoption of the Concept for Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation through 2020.

According to the specified documents priority directions in the economic sphere of the republic have been made increase of efficiency and competitiveness of the Karelian economy, diversification and modernization of production, infrastructural development, activization of innovative activity, further increase of the level of investment prospects of the region.

The analysis of the current situation shows that Karelia has chances to create innovative business and develop innovative economy.

In recent years technological innovation costs of enterprises of Karelia expand at a quite fast rate. In 2005 they made 0,17 billion rbl., the estimation of 2009 makes about 3 billion roubles. The dynamics as a whole is positive and, undoubtedly, today it leads to organization of production of hi-tech products in greater scales. However, the specified technological innovation costs have been basically directed on attraction and purchase of high technologies from the outside.

The Government of the Republic of Karelia in the long-term prospect sets the task to increase volumes of innovative products produced in the republic, to increase the share of innovations at formation of the gross republican product on the basis of own scientific developments and technologies.

Karelian scientists conduct researches in 15 of 34 major key scientific and technical directions on maintenance of economic safety of the country and its defence capacity.

In the republic there successfully work such innovative enterprises as the Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology FR JSC projecting and producing fire robots, Proryv (Breakthrough) Scientific and Production Enterprise engaged in development and production of electro magnetic compatibility measurement means, Carbon-Schungite Scientific and Production Enterprise developing new technologies with use of schungite raw material, etc.

It is planned to develop the IT-park at PetrSU where about 300 people work. By the 90th anniversary of Karelia the second phase of the IT-park for 120 workplaces will be started up.

Today in Karelia there has been registered more than 30 innovative enterprises producing innovative products or rendering corresponding services, possessing innovative technology, introducing innovative products or technology at other enterprises. On the preliminary estimate, the cost of innovative products produced in the republic in 2009 it has made about 400 million rbl.

On a number of scientific directions, including in the field of nanotechnologies, the Republic of Karelia has achieved certain success. Developments of Karelian scientists presented in 2008-2009 at the international prestigious exhibition Innovations. Investments. High Technology in St.-Petersburg and Forums on nanotechnologies in Moscow have received 5 gold, 3 silver medals, and were also awarded with diplomas of honour.

There are real prospects for development of the enterprise Nelan-Oxide, Ltd., on the basis of KSPA engaged in developments in the field of nanotechnologies which has orders for production of trial consignments of unique devices and filtering elements with antibacterial effect, nano-scale membranes on the basis of anodic aluminium oxide, proposals to transfer technology of deposition of oxide coatings possessing high electrical insulating properties on aluminium details. Today Lab127, Ltd., at PetrSU is ready to develop job lot production of complex computer and telecommunication systems (network, applied, embedded software, hardware support, integration). The first stage of this enterprise is ready to provide 25 people with job. There remain many innovative projects which realization requires investments, working area and personnel.

Government of the Republic supports to innovative enterprises in expansion of their activity and solution of financial problems.

This support is rendered in the following basic directions:

1. Financial support which is rendered within the scope of the legislation of the Republic of Karelia on the state support of investment activity and in spheres of financing of research and development, including involvement of funds from the federal budget.

In 2009 the Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology FR JSC has obtained the state support in the form of subsidy for compensation of expenses on repayment of interest on credits, as well as a guarantee of the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Karelia that has allowed to involve additional funds for technological renovation of production. Another innovative enterprise Sibirit-3 Joint-Stock Company has received the grant for implementation of the project directed on introduction of the new "know-how" of explosives.

In 2009 there had been concluded 12 research and development contracts. Subjects of researches were directed on solution of the most urgent problems and administrative decisions. Only carrying out of scientific researches in the field of fish breeding provides annually 200-250 million roubles of net income and provides up to 300 inhabitants of Karelia with job. Besides, development were conducted in areas of forest management, livestock sector, advanced communication facilities, nanotechnologies.

33 agreements are concluded with project contractors that are winners of regional competitions of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research and the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation with the general financing of 2 million roubles. These funds have been assigned to support important scientific researches laying the groundwork for formation of applied scientific subjects in the interests of economy development in Karelia, as well as to study cultural and historical heritage.

2. Assistance in search of the investors ready to participate in development of investment productions and would-be customers and consumers of innovative productы including due to organization of participation of the innovative enterprises in exhibitions and forums.

In particular, to promote of small and medium business on the market of innovations and high technology production there has been prepared the display at the exhibition for participation in II International forum of nanotechnologies in Moscow.

On results of participation in exhibitions our scientists were made numerous offers on cooperation by scientific organizations, and by industrial enterprises and corporations regarding use of their developments in solution of scientific and technical tasks. In particular, such offers were made by Scientific and Technological Centre Producing Gas-Sensing Detectors, Ltd., (Lyubertsy) on creation of membranes for pressure detectors; on production of a trial consignment of components for heaters on the basis of oxide coatings on aluminium with high insulating properties (from Tomsk); on production of a pilot series of elements for filters on the basis of nanotube titanium oxide (Ecomash company).

Heightened interest in the presented projects and developments was taken by representatives of enterprises Prometey (St.-Petersburg), ROSCOSMOS - Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation, and famous Russian company RUSAL. Currently industrial communication is supported with a number of enterprises.

3. Organizational, methodical, advisory other support (organization of seminars, workshop conferences, individual consultating).

On the basis of PetrSU the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia has organized a large seminar concerning creation of small innovative enterprises by budgetary scientific and educational establishments in view of the coming into force Federal law 217-FZ On introduction of alterations to some acts of legislation of the Russian Federation concerning establishment of economic societies by budgetary scientific and educational establishments with a view of practical application (introduction) of results of intellectual activity as of August 2, 2009. By means of videoconference representatives of the Federal Science and Innovation Agency and heads of innovative structures of large Russian scientific and educational centers were involved in work of the seminar. The information on work of the seminar was covered in the Poisk newspaper, periodical organ of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Due to adoption of the above-mentioned Federal law 3 enterprises of this kind are already being created at PetrSU.

It is necessary to mention that PetrSU actively assumes the role of the leader of innovative movement in the republic.

PetrSU is facing the task to expand innovative directions, and, above all, creation of a technopark following structural changes in the economy.

At the same time it is necessary to note that rates of innovative development in the republic are insufficient. Development of innovative activity is the all-Russian problem. Lack of stimulating factors, absence of the federal law on innovative activity do not promote development of innovative activity and technological modernization of enterprises. These factors constrains development of innovative economy.

Having defined innovative development as a primary factor of social and economic development of the republic, the Government will consistently fulfil the tasks in cooperation with federal bodies of the government, scientific organizations and scientific community.

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