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Social and Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2009


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Policy in the Field of Consumer Market and Services Development
Transportation and Road Facilities

The Republic of Karelia has a developed transport network. On its territory there run motor, water, and railway roads connecting the republic with other regions of Russia.

In 2009 the Government of the Republic of Karelia has set the task to provide effective functioning and further development for cargo and public passenger transport in the republic.

On results of work of transport organizations in 2009 it has been transported 20.9 million tons of cargoes, that is 7.1% below the level of 2008, the freight turnover has reduced by 6% and has made 24,6 billion t/km.

Transportation of passengers by public transport has reduced up to 26,9 million people, or by 19.8%, passenger turnover - up to 1,8 billion passenger-kilimeters, or by 8.6%.

Decrease in parameters has occured due to reduction of volumes of transported cargoes and transportation of passengers by rail transportation. The volume of transported cargoes and demand for services of transport were against the background of decrease in volumes of industrial production, foreign trade turn, as well as reduction of real incomes of the population.

Railway transportation in Karelia is one of the major components of transport infrastructure of economy of the republic. In 2009 on its share there fell over 82.2% of total amount of transported cargoes, 98.5% of all turnover of goods, more than 87% of the passenger turnover generated on all kinds of transport of the republic.

In view of recession of industrial production, decrease in solvency of consumers of production of Karelian enterprises in 2009 the volume of cargoes offered by the enterprises for transportation has also decreased by 14.7% less to the level of 2008.

Cooperation with the railway management was conducted on the basis of the Agreement between the Russian Railways, Inc., and the Government of the Republic of Karelia on cooperation for the period of 2009-2011, signed by the parties on February 19, 2009.

Work has been directed on decrease in demurrages for the cargo operations, full provision of enterprises of the republic with the rolling stock.

Measures were taken on reduction of non-productive costs by coordination of closing low-density stations in view of interests of institutions of local government of municipal regions.

Currently all low-density sites of Petrozavodsk branch of Octyabrskaya railway operate in view of their social and economic importance. Due to necessity of loading low-density lines realization of complex actions on development of industrial potential and transport infrastructure in territory of the Republic of Karelia with involvement of investments of interested organizations continued. Thus, according to the Agreement on cooperation between Russian Railways, Inc., Government of the Republic of Karelia and Sever-Stroi, Ltd., measures are taken directed on loading of Juškozero - Soujärvi piece of line (Soujärvi and Muezersky regions). In 2009 in territory of the specified regions there have been commissioned 3 new roadmetal-processing enterprises.

Thanks to agreements of the Government of the Republic of Karelia with Russian Railways, Inc., on cooperation there goes modernisation of the branch, traffic safety and the standard of service are increasing.

The management of the railway conducts work on gradual transition to breaking-even of suburban service, that inevitably leads to reduction of expenditure concerning this kind of transportations, optimization of the train schedule, reduction of some trains. In view of the low level of loading of passenger operations and growth of losses of the railway there have been cancelled suburban trains on the routes of Petrozavodsk-Soujärvi and the Medvezhya Gora-Segezha-Kem. As a result of negotiations between the Government of Karelia and the management of Octyabrskaya railway it was possible to preserve the reduced volumes of train traffic on the routes of Petrozavodsk-Svir, Petrozavodsk-Medvezhya Gora, Kem-Louhi, Kem-Belomorsk-Malenga, Sortavala-Kuznechnoye. Respective alterations are made in the schedule for the winter period. Questions concerning the opportunity of switching of the volume of passenger traffic to motor transport were studied.

Annual grants are provided in the budget of the Republic of Karelia for the government support of railway transportation, in 2009 for the specified purposes is has been allocated 14,5 million roubles.

The Government of Karelia has completely supported the offer on introduction of the government order system for passenger operations by rail transportation of the suburban traffic. Realization of this offer with involvement of financing from the federal budget is the only way to solve the task of the organization of this kind of transportation in full for subjects of the Russian Federation.

Thus, last year as a result of cooperation with a management of the railway it was possible to keep suburban passenger transportations in the reduced volume, enterprises were provided with the rolling stock for transportation of production, works on reconstruction of some pieces of the basic line of Octyabrskaya railway proceeded, the Ledmozero-Kochkoma piece of line was set in constant work.

Motor transport works steadily, it is not a deterrent of economic development, it satisfies demand of economy and population of the republic for cargo and passenger motor transportation services almost to the full.

Now the quantity of the large enterprises in the market of cargo autotransportations of the republic is reduced and this kind of services is mostly the field of activity of small and medium business. Large industrial and trading companies build system of transportation on the basis of their own vehicle fleet. In 2009 the motor transport has transported 3,1 million tons of cargoes, that is 1.8 times more than in 2008. The major factor of growth of the market of motor transportation services is change of logistics, which resulted in partial redistribution of some freight traffic from railway to more mobile motor transport.

To the share of motor transport there falls about 30% of passengers transported by all types of transport. The number of the transported passengers in 2009 has made 8,0 million people, or 78.2% to the level of 2008. Licenses to perform this kind of activity are possessed by over 195 business entities, of them more than 70 licensees transport passengers on regular city, suburban and intermunicipal routes. The rolling stock totals about 1130 buses of various capacity.

Issues of effective functioning and development of public passenger transport are in the focus of attention of the Government of the Republic of Karelia. Organization of suburban and intermunicipal transport service is carried out according to the Law of the Republic of Karelia Concerning Organization of Transportation Service of the Population by Motor, Railway, Internal Water, Air Transport.

With a view of improvement of transport service in the republic new traffic schemes for passenger transport are being constantly studied, the routing network is generated, preparation and approval of traffic schedules of suburban intermunicipal buses is conducted, competitions to grant passenger services in the intermunicipal message are held. As a result of a complex of measures taken it was possible to keep the operating, and to introduce new bus routes. Now it has been approved 118 suburban intermunicipal routes. In 2009 more than 40 large and small carriers have passed competitive procedures and worked on general passenger republican suburban intermunicipal routes.

Implementation of the specified activities is accomplished in close cooperaction with administrations of metropolitan districts, municipal regions, the administration of motor licensing and inspection department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Republic of Karelia and Department of the state road-transport inspection for the Republic of Karelia; representatives of the committee of trade union of workers of motor transport and road facilities of the republic participate in work in the competitive commission.

Transportation of some categories of citizens (exempts) with granting the 50% travel discount from the established tariff in suburban transportation of Petrozavodsk is organized from June 1 to October 31, 2009 - there has been transported more than 202 thousand passengers of preferential categories, for these purposes from the republican budget it has been allocated 4,45 million roubles.

Besides, from the republican budget budgets of municipal units and urban districts were allocated 1,75 million roubles that has allowed to transport more than 105,000 passengers of preferential categories.

In 2009 the the Republic of Karelia participated in the federal project on granting subventions to subjects of the Russian Federation from the federal budget for purchase of Russian-made vehicles and municipal equipment. Thanks to it the vehicle fleet of the republic has replenished with 7 trolley buses and 10 buses of average capacity, to purchase them it has been assigned 35,4 million roubles. New buses and trolley buses have come to 11 municipal units of the republic.

The measures taken have allowed to reduce the number of complaints of citizens concerning the work of public motor transport by more than 20% in comparison with 2008.

The main purpose in the sphere of road facilities in 2009 which was maintenance of uninterrupted motor transport traffic on the network of general highways owned by the Republic of Karelia has been reached.

In 2009 due to the means allocated for construction and reconstruction of objects of road facilities, it has been put into operation a bridge transition across the brook on the 169th kilometer of Kem-Lonka highway through Kalevala in Kalevala region (15.1 running meters / 0.122 km) and works on construction of a site of Kochkoma-Tiksha-Ledmozero-the State Border highway, kilometers from 44 to 64, have begun.

With use of the 79,59 million rouble subvention from the federal budget works on the major overhaul of Kem-Lonka through Kalevala motorway, kilometers from 75 to 86, continued.

For implementation of the Development of Road Facilities of the Republic of Karelia through 2015 regional target program in 2009 it has been allocated 661,9 million roubles. The following works have been performed:

  • repair of 31 bridges in general extent of 922,9 running meters
  • repair of 13 water-carrying pipes in the extent of 160 running meters
  • repair of asphaltic concrete pavement in the extent of 27.1 km
  • repair of gravelling of roads in the extent of 12,4 km
  • maintenance of the operating network of roads
  • purchase of 14 units of equipment for repair and maintenances of roads (with involvement of 24,7 million roubles of subventions from the federal budget)

Significant amount of works concerning repair of surfacing of the street and road system was performed in the city of Petrozavodsk. Due to means of the budget of the Republic of Karelia (141,7 million roubles), federal budget (63,8 million roubles), budgetary credit (60 million roubles) and Petrozavodsk urban district it has been repaired over 175,000 m2 of asphaltic concrete pavement.

It has been allocated 10 million roubles of subventions to repair the street and road system of the town of Olonets, 27,000 m2 of streets of the town have been repaired

Inland water transport. To start navigation duly in 2009 work on preparation of moorages in Velikaya Guba, Sennaya Guba, Baraniy Bereg has been accomplished.

In 2009 the WSOP Travel Agency, Ltd., which earlier was carrying out transportation on the Lake Onego has ceased to exist. For organization of passenger transportations by internal water transport a contract was concluded with the Kizhskoye Ozherelie, Ltd., passengers and hand luggage transportation tariffs for internal water transport for these lines have been endorsed. The Government of Karelia has allocated 1,1 million roubles to support transportation on these lines.

Measures were taken to organise transportation on the line of Petrozavodsk-Shala, however, due to absence of the volume of passenger traffic transportation was ceased since September 7, 2009.

The Government of Karelia has continued work with federal structures for reconstruction of hydraulic facilities of the White Sea-Baltic Canal. In 2009 within the framework of the Inland Waterways sub-program of the Modernization of the Transport System of Russia (2002-2010) federal target program it has been financed 294 million roubles.

As a result, last year it was possible to keep transportation of passengers by water transport, to increase volume of financing of works for reconstruction of hydraulic facilities of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

Air transport. Measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Karelia in the field of air transport have allowed in 2009 to keep air communication on local lines in volumes of the previous years, to continue reconstruction of Petrozavodsk airport with involvement of funds of the federal budget, to lay the foundation for expansion of a network of regional aeronautical routes.

The project of Replacement of the New Lighting Facilities of the Artificial Runway of Besovets Airport is implemented. The government contract with volume of more than 65 million roubles is implemented completely. Work with Ministry of Transport of Russia on implementation of the Civil Aviation subprogram of Development of the Transport System of Russia (2011-2015) federal target program concerning involvement of federal means amounting more than 300 million roubles for in reconstruction of objects of Besovets airport in 2011 proceeds.

Besides, in 2009 at active participation of the Government of the republic due to funds of the federal budget (6.1 million roubles) there has been developed the project documentation concerning implementation of the project of Reconstruction and Modernisation of the Complex of the Air Traffic Control Facilities. For implementation of this project in 2010 within the scope of the Modernization of the Uniform System of Organization of Air Communication of the Russian Federation (2009-2015) federal target program the federal budget allocated funds amounting 45 million roubles. Implementation of these activities will allow to improve quality of ait traffic management and to increase safety of flights of aircrafts.

In 2009 from the budget of the Republic of Karelia it has been assigned 1,4 million roubles to carry out some activities in the field of air transportation. As a result, air communication was carried out on the 'preferential' line of Petrozavodsk-Kizhi-Sennaya Guba.

The Petrozavodsk Airport autonomous agency of the Republic of Karelia has been established.

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