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Festive Meeting for the 60th Anniversary of the University

Festive Meeting for the 60th Anniversary of the University

Performance of the traditional University hymn On the 12th of September, in Petrozavodsk, in the Musical and Russian-Drama Theatre there was held a festive meeting of the Academic Board of Petrozavodsk State University, the academic boards of the departments with the participation of the Chairman of the Government of Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov, members of the Karelian Government, delegates of the Legislative Board of the Republic of Karelia and many guests from Northeastern region of Russia, from Finland, the USA, Norway, Yugoslavia and other countries. The meeting was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of the PetrSU.

The hall is fullIn 1940, there were only four colleges. Now the University is the largest educational facility of the Northeastern Russia, where more than thirty thousand students study in 15 different colleges, and conduct researches on 67 departments. More than 35 thousand experts with the highest qualifications, have graduated from this University. These and many other statistics have been mentioned in the speech of the professor of PetrSu, Victor Vasilyev. He specifically cited that, in the development and usage of modern telecommunication systems for the training of students The Petrozavodsk University surpasses many of Russian Universities and Institutes. That this statement is true, was demonstrated by the experts from the University: having used the Internet they connected with the University of Tver and then with the Minister of Education in Russia, Vladimir Filippov.

Tele-conference Телеконференция "Petrozavodsk-Moscow-Tver" with the Minister of  education in Russian Federation, Vladimir Filippov In the TV picture, on the large screen, although it was more like internet picture- in front of the full audience, the Russian Minister congratulated the faculty of the University, and all the others with the anniversary of the University. He thanked the leader of the Republic, Sergey Katanandov, for the attention that he pays to the education. He also stated that the Ministry would do everything to support the better initiatives of Petrozavodsk University, directed towards the perfection of the qualification of the future employees.

 Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov, entrusted to PetrSU an Honorable Diploma of the Republic of Karelia       In his greeting, the Chairman of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov said, that the University- is not only the pride of the Region, but is also the support of the Government in all its activities.

Ceremony of Entrustment of Titles " Honarable Doctor of PetrSU " Of those awarded- Chairman of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov and Director of company The most exiciting moments of the festive meeting were the official congratulations, performances of the student chorus from PetrSU, student ensemble "Toive", symphonic orchestra, ensemble of ballet "Rhythm", and of course the ceremony of entrusting the titles of "Honorable Doctor of PetrSU". Dressed in caps and gowns, representatives of businesses, public activists and the Rectors and Pro-rectors of the Universities from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Duluth, Ionsu, Kirkensu, and other cities of Russia and the world, were invited on the stage. The names of those, who will forever be known as some of the most well-known and respected persons- Chairman of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov and Director of company "Kondopoga," Vitaly Federmesser.

Nataly Vokokva
photo: Аleksey Stetsenko

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