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General Information of 100 Day Functioning of the Government of the Republic of Karelia
  1. Fianacies
  2. Economics
  3. Roads construction and maintaining.
  4. Fish industry
  5. Municipial services
  6. Education
  7. Health
  8. Culture, national policy
  9. International activities
  10. Security
  11. Social protection
  12. Labour
  13. Sport and tourism
  14. Forest resources and processing
  15. Environment protection

1. Finances

  • The agreement upon the original base of expenditure and revenue of the budget of the Republic of Karelia was held to determine the part of Federal fund transvert for region support of 1999 (it was increased for 286,5 mln roubles);
  • The checkout of correct use of the budget in Louchsky, Kalevalsky and Myedvezhegorsky districts;
  • The analysis was held on the rent of the republican and municipal property. Some suggestions were made directed to the total income of the above mentioned revenues in the budget;
  • The documents were sent to the Ministry of Finances RF to prolong the credits given to the enterprises of light industry and forest industry;
  • The supplementary agreement was signed for prolonging the credits till 01.01.99;
  • The people suffered from the fire in Chalna settlement were provided with accommodations(184 thousand roubles);
  • The emission State loan bond project was presented to the Minfin RF for the total sum of 300 mln roubles;
  • The debt was paid back to Louchsky Raipo for extra feeding at high school;
  • The loan was paid to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the sum of 7,3 mln roubles;

2. In economy

  • The First Commodity Producer Conference was held;
  • Working commissions has been made up to study the social-economic situation in the districts of the republic;
  • The decision of the Head of the Government RK from June 30, 1998 was signed on the basis of the analysis made by the Counting House RF on the measures which are to be arranged. In accordance with this decision it is necessary to pay the credit resources received from the Fund of Reconstruction and Development in 1992-1994.
  • Nine enterprises were fined for their debts. 4,4 mln roubles were paid back to the Reconstruction and Development Fund;
  • For the period from 01.01.98-01.09.98 enterprise-borrowers property was received into the state property as a settlement of the account (6,8 mln rb)
  • By the Supreme Arbitration Court decision of the Republic of Karelia from May 20, 1998 the ОАО "Lachdenpochsky Ply-wood Plant" the competition production was opened. To date the tenders has been held and made an agreement with the firm "Bumex". The enterprise started working; the advance was paid to the employees;
  • By the Supreme Arbitration Court decision of the Republic of Karelia the OAO enterprise" SLMK" was put under observation.
  • As a result of the agreement between RAO "EESof Russia" and the Government of the Republic of Karelia the construction of Beloporozhskaya GES is financed by RAO "EES of Russia". The cost is 338,7 mln rb (prices of 1991). By 01.01.98 41.2 mln rb was used (12%);
  • 367,2 mln rb were transferred to the budget of the Republic of Karelia from state property leasing;
  • The agreement was achieved upon 6 lists of Federal property, transferred to the municipal property;
  • The federal property of Petrozavodsk forestry was decided to be leasedcreating 50 jobs for Prionezhsky district citizens;
  • The analysis of financial enterprises activities is being made. The goal is to help them to overcome their critical financial state.

3. In road construction, maintenance and exploitation

  • 39,4 km of highways were repaired;
  • 16 wooden and wooden-metallic bridges were built and repaired;
  • 1050 m of power guarding fences were made;
  • 11 pavilions and landing lot were made;
  • 3500 traffic signs were put;
  • 750km of road marking were made;
  • Tractors were purchased for Byelomorsky and Louchsky DRSU, load machines for Myedvyezhegorsky DRSU and MMP ZKH "Valaam", excavator, bulldozer, compressor for Pudozhsky DRSU;
  • According to the decision of the Head of the Government RK from 06.07.98 "On electorate demands for the period of 1998 elections" the following works are being done:
    1. The road Pudozh- Zaozerye is being built, and the reconstruction of the road Pudozh- Myedvyezhyegorsk is being made;
    2. The road Pudozh- Zaozerye is to be completed in 1999;
    3. The works on the accomplishment of the road construction to Voknavolok with 3 railroad bridges are being made.

4. In fish industry

  • In accordance with the decision of the Head of the Government RK from June 20 N 470 "On the measures of improving the social-economic situation in Louchsky district" a working commission has been established. Between GUP "Sofporogsky fish plant" and a businessman Markitanov the lease treaty with the right to buy the plant property was signed. The downpayment has been already paid for the counts of the former employees.
  • The fishing brigade has been organized and started working consisting of 4 men. To stabilize the plant work the purchase of fish is arranged from the citizens of the Sofporog settlement;
  • Together with competent manager the property of GP "Chupinsky fish plant" were sold to the fish enterprise OOO "Alternativa"
  • The fish catching brigade has been organized to catch cod "Korabyelnaya" (the Byeloe sea);
  • The decision was made to organize on the base of fishpoint "Brusno" OAO "Petrozavodsky Fish plant" municipal fishcatch association.

5. In municipal economy, power supply and water supply

  • For stable heating supply a new reservoir -accumulator of hot water was put in Petrozavodskaya TEZ;
  • LEP -35kW and 110 kW and Kondopozhskaya GES are being reconstructed. 10 mln roubles (in current price) were invested into these objects;
  • АО "Petrozavodskbummash" started making the parts for module boilers;
  • The contracts were made with the investment company "Nevko" for two boiler supplying;
  • The contract was made for boiler supply to Pudozh with Norwegian firm "Karbo" utilizing local fuel;
  • A new TACIS program is being opened on the project "Pure water" for it 2 mln $ USA has been apportioned for research and pilot projects and three mln $ USA for the same work in the boundary territories;
  • The tariffs for heat supply have been decreased in 11 districts for 20-30% in average.

6. In education

  • For preparing state institutions of education system 497150 rb were spent.
  • Novkoyushkoserskayay school has been repaired (25 thousand roubles);
  • The roof in Povenetskaya school has been repaired;
  • The repairing in Borovoi school is under discussion;
  • Roofing slate and brick was sent to Kuganavolok school;
  • Olonets foster homeN2 repairing has been completed;
  • Olonets foster homeN1 repairing is being completed;
  • Textbooks and pedagogical literature were sent to republic districts for free (59918rb);
  • Kalvasky, Olonetsky, Muesersky and Pryazhinsky districts received the textbooks for free, too 940 thousand rb);
  • By the beginning of a new academic year were published "the ABCbook", Reading in veps language "The word". working book for the primary school "Envieonment" with supplements in Karelian, Finnish, German and English languages.

7. In health care

  • 40 children suffering from diabetes were sent to the children spa"Kivach" 113 thousand rb were apportioned be the Ministry of Finances;
  • In accordance with realization of the federal program "Guarded maternity" the medical equipment were installed in Republican perinatal centre (302 thousand rb);
  • Antidiabetic medicine were bought for the expense of federal program "Sugar diabetes" (627 thousand rb)
  • Reparings were made in republican hospitals: children hospital (31 thousand rb); republican hospital (10,1 thousand rb); in perinatal centre (165 thousand rb); in oncological and venereal hospitals the repairing are still being made.
  • To improve material -technical base of TB health centre the necessary documents has been signed to move to the sanatorium-profilactorium "Chvoiniy";
  • Sortavala hospital is being constructed (303,3 thousands rb has been already used).
  • 38 physicians and nurses were sent to the districts after graduating;
  • For summer children vacation were used 2 627 800 rbl.

8. In culture, archive and national policy

Arrangements have been held:
  • XI International chamber music festival in Kostomuksha;
  • Auction "Soul" to raise money for the Actor House;
  • 60-th anniversary of Veps chorus and the republican holiday of Karelian humour "Kindasovo"
  • Veps culture holiday "The tree of life"
  • The 200th anniversary of the Prophet Ilya Church;
  • Holidays "Childhood Workshop" Transfiguration(Kizhi);
  • Republican Handicapped Creativity Festival (Petrozavodsk):
  • "Korguev`s Fairy Ship" (Louchsky district);
  • The National Archive has been repaired;
  • Documents are being received on personal staff of the liquidated enterprises ;
  • The first sitting of the republican terminological-orthographic commission on Karelian and Veps languages has been held;
  • The working meeting with the leaders of national-cultural organizations and movements of Karelia was held;
  • The Sheltosero House of Culture is to be repaired in the nearest future;
  • Veps People Chorus was on tour in Luleo (Sweden).

9. International activities

  • Conception of social-economic development of the Republic of Karelia for 1999-2002 has been started in co-operation with MFR RK and Karelian Research Centre RAS;
  • Proposals for check in point construction will have been prepared by the 20th of September;
  • In August the money were apportioned for working out the design of the check in point by the decision of the European Comission "Soulerya-Kortesalmi" (150 th EQU) . 5 projects will be financed in 1999 in Karelia in the frame of Tacis program (boundary co-operation) with the total volume 1 mln 138 th EQU including: water supply system reconstruction in Sortavala, ecotourism development on the Yanisyoki river and on the Ladoga lake, ecological education in Karelia;
  • Luise company made a decision to apportion 10 th $ for the treatment of a Karelian citizen.

10. Social protection and law obeying

  • 72,2% of crimes were discovered (in 1997-67,4%);
  • Disclosing of crimes is higher than in Russia in average ;
  • Property crimes are predominant (61,1%) in the total structure of crimes. The biggest part of it are thefts- 50,6%;
  • In general in the republic the number of crimes, revealed with the help of patrol detail including stationary militia posts;
  • In June-August of 1998 the Criminal Investigation Department contribution to revealing crimes increased greatly;
  • In the course of action "Poppy-98" in August 1998 in Sortavala the activities of two organized criminal groups was suppressed. One of these groups was preparing and making drugs (9,5 kg of drugs was withdrawn), another one was transiting and selling heroin;
  • To prevent thefts of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste the MHA registered all persons inclined to committing these crimes, special action "Metal". is being realized. 13 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metal were withdrawn for the total sum of 4,7 thousand roubles;
  • Since 27 of August the brigade of KM co-workers has been directed to assist in revealing non- obvious crimes. In Sortavala the organized criminal group was arrested; 27 crimes made by it were revealed including murders, drugs, arms and so on. 14 criminal cases were sued. In June-August the worker of the Central Office of MHA of Karelia helped in revealing thefts to Petrozavodsk UVD, Olonetsky, Pudozhsky, Kostomukshsky GOVD.
  • All these measures, taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs in June-August, improved criminal situation in the Republic but they didn't liquidate the trends of its further sharpening. The evidence is in new facts of activation of organized criminal groups (+175.6 ), increase of recidivist crimes (+19.4 ) and group crimes (+16.2 )
  • The number of crimes, connected with illegal arm turnover was increased by 191.9;
  • In Petrozavodsk the Centre of State Registration Right for Real Estate has been arranged. In towns and districts of the Republic its affiliates are being organized. In June-August the affiliates were opened in Sortavala, Kostomuksha, Myedvyezhegorsk. Also the Service of Court Bailiffs of the Republic of Karelia has been organized. This Service pursues very important goals, monitoring the law persecution and it consists only of 86 employees. The load for a bailiff is very high - in Russia it is about 123 cases and in Karelia it is about 541 cases.25078 cases were sued for the total sum 75 192 480 roubles.
  • The Ministry of Justice made a proposal to the Government of Karelia about giving over to it the authority to register all the juridicials in the Republic, both commercial and non-commercial;
  • The Ministry of Justice considered 214 citizen petitions;
  • 24 social unions were registered;
  • Decisions for 58 normative regulations were prepared.

11. In social protection

The situation is grave with pensions. The following arrangements have been made:
  • The system of mutual interest has been established. Now retired people may have their pensions in the form of goods and services (June-August the sum of the mutual interest was 226,8 thousand rbl);
  • The payment of advance pensions has been organized. The sum is 100 rbl and they are paid for the current paid month. (812 permissions have been given this month).
  • The supply of goods has been organized in account of pensions;
  • The debt for food compensation money for handicapped people and the liquidators of the sequences of the accident on Chernobilskaya AES has been paid;
  • Partial payment has been given to the students who goes by suburbian trains every day (53,5 thousand rbl);
  • The welfare was paid in the sum of 100 thousand rbl;
  • The male psycho-neurological foster moved to the building of sanatorium-profilactorium "Cheryomushki", from paultry plant "Petrozavodskaya".

12. In labour law

  • The bodies of labour in close cooperation with the Law inspection of labour RK checked up the accomplishing of law labour on debt salary decreasing. 162 enterprises have been inspected. The main reason for salary debts in the lack of funding from all level budgets. By 01.08.98 the debt has been increased for7.3 mln rbl. 40 enterprises leaders were booked for not paying the salary in time. The total fine sum was 24,7 thousand rbl;
  • 162 enterprises have been inspected for three months and 1430 breaks of laws , normatives and regulations have been revealed, the work of 2 production divisionand 35 technological equipment units have been halted;
  • Registered unemployment has been decreased from June through August by 0,7%;
  • The total sum of 20,0 mln rbl has been raised for 7 months or 89,1% of planned funding for the Employment Fund.

13. In sport and tourism

  • 5 International and All-Russian and about 20 republican arrangements were held;
  • The city swimming pool is being repaired;
  • By the 1of September 1998 14 tourist organizations and 3 hotels have been certified;
  • The film, advertising Karelia have been completed;
  • The analysis of the GUP functioning "Kivi-Koivu" some arrangements have been suggested to improve the enterprise economic activities.

14. In forest resources and wood processing

  • Forest utilizing commission was organized;
  • Clearing-consulting centre was arranged in LPK RK;
  • The licensee system of forest utilizing has been worked out;
  • The executives of business-plan in Pudozhsky district were appointed;
  • Revision of constructing plant DSP in Myedvyezhegorsk has been made "Karelia- Euroimex";
  • For June-August125 proposals has been applied to the Forest Committee for the apportionment of forest funds from forest users. 55 proposals has been satisfied for the volume of 450 cubic meters in the account of redistributing forest fund limits;
  • reforestation works has been completed on the area of 9,7 thousand hectares including sowing and planting forest on the area 6,5 hectares;
  • 13593,6 thousands rbl of forfeit were demanded for breaking the forest regulations;
  • The number of school forestries are increasing (from 8 up to 21).

15. In environment protection

  • 303 inspections have been made by the State Environment Protection Committee for 3 months. In the course of inspections 12 purification complexes have been estimated. The Petrozavodsk zone of Onego Lake, the Lososinka, Neglinka and the Megrega rivers, the lake of Negosero were checked up. 315 breaking of regulations were revealed. The total fine sum was 14931,4 rbl.
  • Ecological enterprises examination have been accomplished 131 objects included. The documentation was recognized as satisfying in 131 cases, and as unsatisfying - in 38 cases.
  • 20 examination decisions have been made for export materials of plant origin;
  • In the area of recycling 22 inspections has been accomplished; 3 licenses have been given for handling f ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste;
  • In the course of action "Pure Air" 633 automobiles have been checked. The results have shown that 106 automobiles exceeded the pollution standards;
  • All reservoir of the republic were checked up; 85 boats have been registered and 557 were subjected to technical inspection;
  • 2 criminal cases were sued for breaking the law of the animal world and suits were brought for the sum of 128 thousand roubles;
  • Inspection of mining enterprises has been made in Petrozavodsk, Kondopozhski and Pudozhski districts, Veps National Volost (15 enterprises in general);
  • Evaluation work has been completed for natural resource deposits for 01.01.98. The analysis of mining industry and competitiveness of already known and supposed natural resources allows to specify the perspectives of mineral - raw complex development;
  • Water supply limits have been revised for 20 water using subjects;
  • The dam of Saponyarvski reservoir and the coast line of the Onego lake (as a result of petition of the settlement Kaskesruchei citizens);
  • Proposals connecting with the water resources use of the river Nizhniy Vig were prepared;
  • The examination decision for the hydro-technical construction of IX set of the northern hill of Byelomorski-Baltiiski channel rebuilding has been accomplished;
  • The competition was declared for the right of utilizing uranous-vanadium deposit in Srednyay Padma;
  • The nature protection law observation was checked up on the island of Valaam;
  • 44 licenses for utilizing natural resources deposits were given, 19 have started functioning by to date which supplies the republic with more jobs and replenish the budget of the Republic of Karelia and of local budgets on the account of resource payments.
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