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About the Day of the Republic of Karelia

"To establish that June, 8th is the Day of the Republic of Karelia "
From the Law of the Republic of Karelia
"About the establishing the Day of the Republic of Karelia "

The Day of the Republic of Karelia is the event symbolizing the process of forming the state system of the Republic of Karelia.

The beginning of the state system dates back to the 8th of June 1920. By the decision of the All-Russian Central executive Committee the formation of Karelian Labor Commune was adopted. It was the first ethnic-state formation on the territory of modern Republic of Karelia. It read: "To form in accordance with the clause 11 of the Constitution RSFSR an oblast integration - Karelian Labor Commune on the territories, inhabited by the Karelians".

All the previous formations on the land were of administrative-territorial character. For example, Olonetskaya province...

After the 8th of June 1920 the national-state formation, the name of which suggests that it is inhabited by by the Karelians, was subjected to changes some times, but it never lost the national-state status.

By the decision of VZIK and the Soviet of People Commissars from June 25, 1923 the Autonomous Karelian Soviet Socialist Republic was created and reformed into Karelian-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic in March, 31 1940. The territory of the republic included the lands, taken by Finland by the peaceful treaty between the USSR and Finland from March, 12, 1940. According to the Law of Supreme Soviet of the USSR from the 16th of July it was reformed into the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The adoption of the first and the following Constitutions of Karelia is the normal steps of state system development. The Declaration of the state sovereignty of Karelian ASSR is viewed as a logical continuation of this process. It was adopted by the Decision of Supreme Soviet Karelian ASSR from the 9th of August, 1990 and, according to it, the relationships Karelia with Russia are viewed as the subject of Russian Federation.

At the tenth session of Supreme Soviet of Karelian ASSR of the 12th convocation the decision about the change of the name of the republic was adopted. The Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was reformed into the Republic of Karelia.

With the adoption of the current Constitution of the Republic of Karelia the symbols of the state system were appointed: flag, coats of arms, hymn и capital.

On the 22hd of April, 1999 the Chamber of the Republic of the Legislative Assembly adopted the Law of the Republic of Karelia N 346 "About establishing the Day of the Republic of Karelia", according to which the 8th of June - the day of signing of the decision of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee "About the formation of the Karelian Labor Commune" -is declared of the Day of the Republic of Karelia. The Head of the Republic of Karelia S.Katanandov approved and signed the Law.

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