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October 26-29, 1999
The official visit of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov to Iceland, was held by the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland Hallidor Ausgriemson. In the course of the visit the final Memorandum determining the perspectives of further cooperation was signed. The priorities in joint projects between the Republic of Karelia and Iceland will be the following areas: fishing and fish breeding, crediting, repairing and remodeling of fishing boats, timber and paper supply, stone mining and processing.

5-7 September 1999
Valentina Matvienko considered Karelia is "a successfully working region".

The Working Visit of the Deputy of the Head of the Government RF Valentina Matvienko to the Republic of Karelia
9-10 August 1999
The Protocol of Intentions with Federal Forest Economy Service of Russia is Signed
27 July 1999
Vladimir Starostenko's Visit to the Republic of Karelia
Karelia, Valaam,
10-11 July 1999
"We believe that the former beauty of the Valaam monastery might be revived by the joint efforts of the power bodies of Russian Federation and Russian Orthodox Church,"- Sergey Katanandov.

The island of Valaam was visited by the Holiest Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia Alexii II


26-28 June 1999
"We are sure that our cooperation work will be successful and fruitful," – marked the leaders of the two republics in the course of the ceremony of signing the agreement between the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Byelorus

Visit of the delegation of the Republic of Byelorus led by the 1st Substitute of the Prime-minister of the republic Vasiliy Dolgolev

Kondopoga, Sortavala

24-26 June 1999
"We are sure that we have made the right choice making business contacts with Karelia," – the President of the Republic of Adigea Aslan Jarimov

Visit of the Delegation of the Republic of Adigea to Karelia

Segezha, Kondopoga

22-23 June 1999
Visit of the 1st vice-prime minister of Russian Federation Nickolai Aksenenko to Karelia
1-3 June 1999
The visits of the General Consulate of Finland in St.Petersburg delegation and the Governor of the Finnish Oulu province
28 May 1999
The Agreement with the Republic of Adigea is signed

19-20 April 1999
Province Vesterbotten Delegation Visit (Sweden)

6-7 April 1999
The Days of Karelia in Moscow
22nd of February, 1999

February 22, 1999 in St.Petersburg the agreement about cooperation in economic, research, technical, cultural and social areas was signed between St.Petersburg Administration and the Government of the Republic of Karelia.

The cooperation will be accomplished on an equal footing. The development of industrial enterprizes, agricultural complex, other branches of industry, common use of existing industrial facilities, establishment of enterprizes based on high technologies are being planned. Enterprizes, institutions and organisations located on the territory of St.Petersburg and Karelia despite of their subordination, or kinds of property, administative districts, associations "North-West" will participate as equal partners.

The parties accepted the Program of collaboration in economics, trade, reseach, education, health care, law, culture and tuorism development.

Karelia, Petrozavodsk,
January 28-29,1999
"Finland is our good neighbour, the main trade partner" - S. Katanandov.

Ope Norrback was pleased to mark that the negotiations with Karelian leaders were constructive, open, specific. He highly estimated the efforts of the Government RK to find the way out of economic crisis.

A visit of the delegation to Petrozavodsk headed by the Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade Ope Norrback.

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