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Games of Grandfathers Frosts in Olonets

Annually in the beginning of December Grandfathers Frosts from different cities of Russia - Moscow, Ryazan, Pskov, Vladimir, Petrozavodsk, Bryansk, Orenburg - gather in the small provincial town of Olonets, home of Karelian Pakkaine the Small Frost...

The original Karelian small town for three days turns into the winter capital of Karelia. Here Frosts declare the beginning of winter and open it with Frosts' public merrymaking Pakkaizhen kizhat. It was Olonets where the unique museum in Russia of "The Old New Year's toy" has opened, and "Pakkaine's Craft School" began to work. Within the frameworks of Olonets Games of Grandfathers Frosts last year the companionable football match between combined teams of Grandfathers Frosts and the Government of the Republic of Karelia was held.

The program of Games has gained the great popularity. The leading broadcasting companies of the country consider it noteworthy, events of Games are widely covered by the Karelian press and by press of participating regions and federal mass-media.

Games of Grandfathers Frosts in Olonets of 2002 will be held from November 29 till December 1. Feature of the Games of 2002 will be the real "frosty" wedding held under the special Karelian ceremony. Its heroes are the Grandfather Frost from Severodvinsk and the Snow Maiden from Penza who have met in Olonets during the Games of 2001 and promised to celebrate the wedding exactly in one year during the following Games. The year has passed...

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