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The EU has allocated more than 12 million euro for social and economic development of Karelia

PETROZAVODSK, June 3. INTERFAX NORTHWEST - The European Union within the framework of the project "Euroregion Karelia" has allocated more than 12 million euro for realization of programs of social and economic development.

It was declared at the last session of the Executive Committee of the international project "Euroregion Karelia" held at the end of May in the Finnish city of Joensuu, INTERFAX has informed on Tuesday at the press-service of the Government of the republic.

Six million euro is directed for construction of the customs check point in Suopera on the border with Finland, four million euro - for construction of sewage disposal plant in Sortavala, two more million euro is intended for development of information technologies in Karelia under the project "Electronic Russia".

Besides within the framework of the project "Euroregion Karelia" Priladozhsky timber mill is put in operation, second-order construction of the enterprise for manufacture of electric equipment for automobiles in Kostomuksha started.

According to the press-service, in the future the basic programs of EU will concern development of tourist business, transport infrastructure, bio-energetics and forest recreation, development of information technologies, and solution of environmental problems in Karelia. Except for it Finland is interested in organization of railway communication between Joensuu and Petrozavodsk.

The project "Euroregion Karelia" was created in 2000 under the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Karelia. Three adjacent territories of Finland participate in it, they are territories of regional unions of Kajnuu, Northern Carelia and Northern Pohjanmaa.

Earlier the Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has expressed his confidence that the Euroregion "Karelia" as pilot territory alongside with Kaliningrad area "can be original laboratory for use of new forms of cross-border cooperation, joint business, cultural interosculation, scientific exchanges, youth contacts that in practice will provide steady development and alignment of social standards on both sides of the border."

Now the territory of Euroregion "Karelia" reaches from the gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic sea to the White sea and from the Polar circle to Ladoga. The general border of Finland and Russia makes 1300 kms of which about 790 kms belong to the Euroregion "Karelia".

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