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Green Peace is going to clear territory of Kalevalsky National Park of garbage

PETROZAVODSK, June 10. INTERFAX NORTHWEST - Active workers of the ecological organization Green Peace are going to clear territory of Kalevalsky National park.

Since June 10 till June 20, 2003, in Kostomukshsky district where the world famous epos Kalevala was written active workers of Green Peace from Germany, Denmark, and Russia will mount information boards at park entrances, equip tourist parking, to remove garbage.

"The not simple history of creation of Kalevalsky National Park, perhaps, can to be compared only to the plot of the epos Kalevala: it has taken long years to go the way from the project to the approval of the federal government and, indeed, titanic efforts were required on the part of ecologists and local residents, - the representative of Green Peace of Russia Eugenia Beliakova, has declared on Tuesday on еру briefing in Petrozavodsk.

She has reminded, that in spite of the fact that this largest in Europe site of taiga has received the official status of national park in August of 2002, "work on its registration has not been promoted in deed. The purpose of the Green Peace's action is to speed up the process of organization of the national park," - E.Beliakova has emphasized.

Kalevalsky National Park is included into the project Green belt of Fennoskandia, the territory prepared for inclusion in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. In this list there are already the Baikal Lake, volcanos of Kamchatka, the Western Caucasus, mountains of Altai, as well as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls in Northern America, the Big Barrier Reef in Australia, the greatest mountain of Kilimanjaro in Africa, Galapagos Islands.

According to Karelian Research Centre, in five years after creation of the park incomes of Karelia received from development of tourism in its territory will achieve $700 thousand per year.

The idea of creation of the park has arisen at the end of 1980th. In 1996 under pressure of the ecological non-governmental organizations the largest of Finnish companies have declared the moratorium on purchase of wood from this zone.

Kalevalsky National Park is the unique natural, historical and cultural complex which does not have analogues in the entire Northern Europe. Its territory is the largest in Europe zone of remained light coniferous taiga where gluttons and lynces, wild raindeers and brown bears live.

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