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Work done within the framework of preparation for the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk  - 300

The Russian organizing committee on preparation for the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk was headed by Valentina Matvienko, the republican committee worked under the direction of the head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov. Within preparation for the anniversary building, repair and restoration works were accomplished, the publishing program was carried out. The program was financed from federal, republican and city budgets.

By the anniversary of city the National theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Visit Center of Kizhi Museum, Governor's park, the Hall of Nobiliary Assembly, Candlemas church were reconstructed, and the second part of the quay of Onego Lake was created, the monument to partisans and underground workers was open.

Reconstruction of the Governor's Garden. On the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk completely new Governor's garden has appeared before the townspeople. Its main sight is thbe monument to Gavrila Derzhavin, the first governor of Olonetsky of province. Authors of the monument are sculptor Valter Soini and architect Emil Kuldavletov from Petrozavodsk. The bronze monument reminding the figure of Peter I, was moulded by Petrozavodskmash factory, the pedestal was made by Karelsky Granit (Karelian granite) enterprise of granite from Kashina Gora deposit.

Re-planning is made in the park, fencing and ladder slopes are constructed, foot pathes of granite are paved, trees of valuable breeds are planted, and lawns are arranged. Opening of the children's playground is planned.

Works on reconstruction of the Governor's garden and creation of monument to Gavrila Derzhavin was financed at city budget expense.

Restoration of Candlemas Church in Solomennoye. Internal and external painting and decorating are accomplished, the fence is made, and also land improvement is carried out. On means of the city budget an iconostasis and internal furniture of church was ordered by city administration in Palekh icon workshop.

Repair of facades of buildings. Within preparation for the anniversary of the city repair and painting of facades of buildings was made. At the expemse of budgets of different levels 69 facades were repaired. Owners and tenants of shops and offices reconstructed premises, entrances, show-windows and advertising signboards (more than 100 objects total).

The second turn of Onego Lake embankment. Paving bank slopes, implrovement of pathes and ladder descents, and gardening were accomplished. Karelsky Granit (Karelian granite) enterprise made the memory sign (pyramid) in honour of second-order opening of the quay. The sculptural composition from of Leningrad Region is established.

Road repairing. Construction of a cargo highway along the Krasnoarmeiskaya street is completed. The municipal enterprises laid and to repaired engineering services. Repairing of the bridge across Lososinka river is under accomplishment.

Asphalting of Gogol street, Engels street down to Lenin Square, Alexander Nevsky avenue, and a site from Lev Tolstoi street down to Meretskov street are finished.

On Lyzhnaya street works on moving engineering services and clearance on the line of the second strip of road have begun. The two-way road will open in October for transport and a new trolleybus route connecting residential areas Kukkovka and Kluthcevaya.

Works on designing a city highway from Komsomolsky avenue to Kalinin street proceed.

With a view of safety of traffic and pedestrians in residential area of Drevlianka two traffic lights are entered into operation.

The sign in honour of foundation of Petrozavodsk. The sign is established in the recreation park in the area of archeological dig of the base of Alexander Menshikov's palace. Financing of works was carried out by Onega Tractor Plant.

Publishing-House. By the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk the anniversary album Three Centuries of Petrozavodsk. City. Events. People, the album of drawings and verses of young Petrozavodsk citisens City of Childhood, the manual History of Petrozavodsk, the three-volume collection of archival documents Petrozavodsk. Three Hundred Years of History, the album of photoartist Vladimir Larionov Petrozavodsk, the book of the Institute of language, Literature and History Chronicle of Three Centuries etc. were published.

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