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Roots and Сrown.
Exhibition of group of artists Mantu-Honka-Petaja, Central Finland
Organizers: Department of culture of administration of Petrozavodsk
Petrozavodsk City Showroom
Mantu-Honka-Petaja Group, Central Finland
Место: City Showroom
Petrozavodsk, Lenin str., 26
Time: August 21 - September 14, 2003
Telephone: +7(814-2)78-16-50

Petrozavodsk - 300

The exhibition Roots and Сrown opening in the City showroom on August 21, 2003, represents creativity of one of the unions of artists of the Central Finland - Mantu-Honka-Petaja Group. Founded in 1998, it unites modern painters, sculptors and graphic artists, whose source of inspiration is the Finnish wood, its soul and heart. Three words Mantu-Honka-Petaja that became the name of this creative group, bear uniform sense - the name of the tree being an archaeotypical symbol of Finland - the Pine. A symbol of the national wood industry and, at the same time, sacred tree, possessing magic from ancient legends.

The works have presented to the Karelian public by 12 participants of the group: Mirja Erling, Saara Forsel, Alberto Feretti, Auli Halttunen, Pertti Karjalainen, Jussu Valtakari, Eeva-Liisa Molsa, Tuula Ollukainen, Olga Petrenko, Aino-Kaarina Pajari, Lea Turto, Jaakko Valo, and also photographers invited by the group: Kala (Martti Kapanen) and Rune Snelman.

The exhibition Roots and Сrown was conceived as significant event in art life of the Republic of Karelia and the Central Finland. The delegation arrived to represent it in Petrozavodsk includes both artists (Mirja Erling, Pertti Karjalainen, Eeva-Liisa Molsa, Tuula Ollukainen, Jaakko Valo), and critic Hannu Kastrena - the main expert in visual arts of the Administration of culture of the Central Finland, and also journalists and writers - representatives of culture of this region of the country of Suomi.

Maria Yufa, the critic
director of the City Showroom

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