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Karelia is going to pass the law on the state support of languages of the radical peoples of the republic

PETROZAVODSK, October 24. INTERFAX NORTHWEST - Karelia is going to pass the law on the state support of languages of the radical peoples living in the republic.

The appropriate bill guaranteeing state support to Karelian, Vepps and Finnish languages is brought in the Legislative Assembly of the republic under the initiative of the Government of Karelia, as INTERFAX has been informed by the head of the press-service of parliament Nadezhda Akimova.

In particular, she has noted that the document is called to guarantee "protection of languages of radical peoples of the republic on the part of authorities of the republic, and also to determine sources of financing of republican and municipal programs on their development."

For this purpose establishing educational institutions teaching national languages, creation of conditions for scientific research, professional training possessing higher education from among representatives of national minorities is offered. Except for it the project stipulates knowledge of national languages by employees of bodies of the government and local self-government.

N.Akimova has emphasized, that the Minister of the State National Policy of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zorin has already supported the bill and is going to come to Karelia to participate in the exit session of the organizing committee on realization of the international decade of radical nations of the world where this document will be discussed.

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