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Exit session of the All-Russian organizing committee on realization of decade of radical nations of the world has opened in Karelia

PETROZAVODSK, November 4. /Correspondent of RIA Novosti Alexey Ukkone/. Exit session of the All-Russian organizing committee on realization of the decade of the radical nations of the world declared by the United Nations has opened on Tuesday In Karelia. As the chairman of the State Committee on National Policy of the republic Eugeny Shorohov has informed RIA Novosti, the Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zorin supervising aspects of national politics in Russia, representatives of some federal ministries and departments, and also representatives of Veps from Karelia, Leningrad and Vologda regions where the Veps live compactly take part in the session.

Problems of this radical small people will become the main theme of discussion at the session of the organizing committee. The day before visitors from these subjects of the federation have visited Veps national volost in Karelia where 1300 Veps live, have got acquainted with the industrial enterprises and cultural traditions of the volost.

According to the head of the volost administration Yury Korenkov, one of the main problems of local population is impossibility to be engaged in traditional crafts, in particular, fishing. It is related to problems the Veps have receiving fishing licenses, since the quantity of licenses is limited and basically they are bought up by more rich inhabitants of Petrozavodsk.

At the session of the organizing committee Karelian authority is going to raise the question on inclusion of territories where Veps live in target federal programs aimed to support radical small peoples. In particular, allocation of fishing quotas, financing of housing and communal objects, construction of objects of education and culture, employment of the population will be discussed.

Opportunities of creating a uniform national and cultural Veps autonomy in Karelia, Vologda and Leningrad regions will be discussed also. In total in Russia there are about 12 thousand representatives of this nationality.

The All-Russian organizing committee was created within the framework of the international decade of radical nations of the world which is held under the initiative of the United Nations from 1994 till 2004.

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