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Sergey Katanandov has held a working meeting with the Finnish delegation

The delegation of the city of Joensuu arrived in our republic with official visit. It ihncludes heads of the city administration, deputies and representatives of the public. The parties have summed up the results of the 10-years cooperation.

At a meeting the Finnish party noted that S.Katanandov, being the mayor of Petrozavodsk, has entered into the first agreement on cooperation between Petrozavodsk and Joensuu. Since then cooperation between territories has become stronger, and continues to develop in various branches of economy, education, medicine, ecology and culture. More than hundred programs have been realized.

Juhani Merilainen, the mayor of Joensuu, has informed the Head of Karelia that in 2005 administrative integration of territory of the city is expected. The two next communes will join Joensuu, and the city will receive the status the boundary, that, in the opinion of the mayor, should improve frontier cooperation. S.Katanandov has informed the Finnish delegation on changes in the Russian legislation: customs and wood code, protection of the border, reform of authorities, and division of powers. He has designated priority directions of activity of the Government of the republic, having especially noted creation of workplaces and hi-tech manufactures: "Karelia should make its living not only from raw material. Much is done in the republic with the help of the Scandinavian technologies and experts. The enterprises cooperating with the Finnish party develop more efficiently than those that have not got such contacts. In the sphere of international cooperation of relation with Finland is priority for Karelia," - S.Katanandov ascertained.

The Head of Karelia has offered heads of tourist sphere of Joensuu to expand a spectrum of regular tourist routes to the frontier regions.

The visitors from Finland have noted qualitative construction of motorways from the border up to the capital of the republic, having expressed confidence that is the positive factor for attraction of tourists from abroad.

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