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29 hotels and campings were built in Karelia this year

PETROZAVODSK, September 27. /Correspondent of RIA Novosti - Northwest Alexey Ukkone/. This year 29 hotels and campings which cumulative capacity totals 200 accommodation places were constructed in Karelia, as the State Committee of Phusical Culture Sports and Tourism Chairman Eugeny Kotkin informed speaking on Monday at the press conference devoted to the international Day of Tourism.

Most of the new hotels are mini country hotels located on coasts of lakes of Karelia and being in constant requisition of tourists.

On Eugeny Kotkin's words, construction was sponsored by private investors, and the total financing in 2004 has made 320 million roubles which is twice as much than four years ago.

At the same time Eugeny Kotkin has recognized, that development of tourist infrastructure in Karelia does not keep up with inflow of tourists. Hotel accommodation in Karelia makes now about four thousand rooms. The region still has got no proper hotels.

It is planned to build two 'three-stars' hotels in Petrozavodsk. In total in the territory of the city sites for construction of seven new hotels are allocated.

On Eugeny Kotkin's words, Karelia is one of the leaders among regions of the Northwest of Russia regarding rates of development of tourism.

More than 1,5 million tourists have visited Karelia in 2004, about 400 thousand of them have been so-called "organized" vacationists, who visited the republic as tourist groups members, comparing to Murmansk area which this year has been visited by 65 thousand "organized" tourists, Republic of Komi visited by 110 thousand vacationists, and Archangelsk area visited by 150 thousand persons.

On Eugeny Kotkin's words, rates of development of tourism in Karelia "was a surprise" for tourist companies in the neighbouring Finland where in 2004 recession of inflow of tourists from Russia has been noted. "Russian tourists come to Karelia now instead of Finland," - Eugeny Kotkin told.

The basic places of interest in Karelia are reserve museums Kizhi, Valaam monastery and the city of Kem through which the most convenient way to Solovetsky islands in Archangelsk area runs.

National parks Paanajarvi and Vodlozersky, lakes and rivers which total number exceeds 60 thousand are also referred to as sights of the region.

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