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Longstanding cooperation

Annually 35-40% of all equipment produced at Petrozavodskmash joint-stock company make export deliveries for the leading foreign companies. Such cooperation yielded good results repeatedly, for example, long-term cooperation with such companies as Metso Paper (Finland) and Feut Paper (Austria).

Net-driving shaft

Net-driving shaft

Let's remind, that joint deliveries of Petrozavodskmash joint-stock company and Feut Paper have begun in 1985, and proceed today. The first joint project was delivery of a paper-making machine for 4410-millimeter-wide enamel-paper manufacture at the speed of 400 m/min. for Vyborg Pulp-and-Paper Mill. Now our enterprise and Feut Paper together participates in several large international projects in which Petrozavodskmash is the equipment subsupplier. It is pleasant, as under difficult conditions of market economy when Russian manufacturers lose in competitive struggle against western companies more often, our factory still keeps serious potential in deliveries of production for export.

The recently increased growth of deliveries for this company serves an example of it. In particular, in 2004-2005 high quality components of high-speed machines (width up to 10 meters) have been made in demanded terms for the following projects: VAREL (Germany), EPSILON (France), DAGANG (China), SCHWARZA (Germany). In a stage of end there are projects: PENINSULAR (Spain), SAICA (Spain), EASTOVER (Germany), and ASCHAFFENBURG (Germany). Some new joint projects for Petrozavodskmash and Feut Paper for Portugal, Turkey, India, China, Germany, etc. are being discussed now.



Another example of long-term partnership is the 30-year cooperation between our enterprise and Metso Paper, the largest Finnish company producing paper-making machines. We should remind, that in 2003 Petrozavodskmash has performed the largest contract on reconstruction of a stream paper-making machine N10 concluded between Segezhsky Pulp-and-Paper Mill, Inc., and Metso Paper. The part of this order has been executed at our enterprise. Quality of products has been checked up and approved by the customer. As the vice-president on manufacture and development of Metso Paper Jorma Lusma has noted: "Petrozavodskmash and our company have all preconditions for the further teamwork."

Today in shops of the factory manufacturing of important equipment for the most scale project of pulp and paper industry in the world - paper-making machine manufacturing newprint, which width will make 11751 mm, and speed will be 2000 m/min. under the "Kvarnsweden"(Sweden) project is at full speed. Besides, works on performing two contracts on delivery of cases for vacuum shaft and drying cylinders for Indonesia have begun.

As the factory Director General Leonid Beluga has noted, "for years of cooperation Petrozavodskmash was and remains the worthy supplier of equipment. Our factory has always coped with problems put by, delivering high quality standard equipment for world famous companies."

Longstanding cooperation and today's contracts became another confirmation of the fact that association of resources and professional experience of machine-building enterprises make for international economic cooperation strengthening.

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