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Prime Minister of of the Government Karelia visted Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology

Pavel Chernov: The Government has to help the unique enterprise

P.Chernov inspects FR's product samples

P.Chernov inspects FR's product samples

Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology FR was founded in 1984 when the first fire robot created by experts from Karelia has been mounted for protection of monuments of wooden architecture of Kizhi museum. It became a reference point in development of new equipment for struggle against fires.

Today more than 40 cities of Russia and the CIS use production of FR Joint-Stock Company for protection of people and property against fires at critical and expensive objects. During work of the center it has been made about 4 thousand units of fire fighting equipment. Produce of the center in 1986 were effectively used for liquidation of consequences of failure at Chernobyl atomic power station.

Almost all the factories pproducing fire machines in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine apply equipment made by FR Joint-Stock Company which is also mounted on fire tractors and fire boats.

Fire robot

Fire robot

FR' s produce became common used in petroleum industry and gas-and-oil producing industry for protection tank batteries, oil tank car platforms and bulk oil terminals.

In March, 2005 water jets forming powerful streams of sprayed water or foam on Jet Fog technology have been mounted on new air field fire machines providing safety of presidential runway in Vnukovo.

Today Karelian center plans its further development and expansion of production facilities. Fire robots are claimed at new industrial enterprises and large public objects. The dream of FR Center director general Yury Gorban is to equip sports complexes built in Sochi for the expected Olympiad of 2014 with Petrozavodsk fire robots. Assistance and support of Government of the republic is vital to make these plans come true.

Prime Minister of Karelia has closely familiarized with plans of the enterprise, met the labour collective which is more than 80 people, examined samples of fire-prevention equipment. Summing up his inspection, Pavel Chernov has told the following: Task of the Government is to help the unique Karelian enterprise. Today, when economy in Russia is rebounding, production of Karelian engineers can find application in the most different regions of the country, and even for our neighbours in Finland.

In the opinion of the Prime minister, first of all, the enterprise directors and Government of the republic have to hold an advertising campaign of unique production of Karelian engineering center. The second field of cooperation is gradual transition of production of some details of robots into enterprises of the republic, while today some modules of robots developed in Petrozavodsk are made abroad. By order of Pavel Chernov work on these tasks will begin in the Government in the near future.

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