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President of Gazprom and Head of Karelia to discuss plans of gasification of the republic

V.Lai, V.Momotov, P.Chernov
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V.Lai, V.Momotov, P.Chernov
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On April 9 the Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Pavel Chernov held a working meeting devoted to prospects of gasification of the republic. The key point of the meeting was the forthcoming in the end of April meeting of the Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov with the President of Gazprom, Inc., Alexey Miller. As Pavel Chernov has told, at this meeting cooperation in 2007 will be summed up and plans for this year will be coordinated. Assistant to the Prime Minister Valery Momotov and director general of Kareltransgaz Joint-Stock Company Vladimir Lai have taken part in the meeting.

According to Pavel Chernov, last year on gasification in Karelia it has been spent 230 million roubles. In Petrozavodsk 19 municipal houses (1468 apartments) were switched on natural gas, documentation on gasification of 13 houses in Kondopoga in 2008 is developed. At the support of the Address investment program of Karelia development of construction documents were financed for distributive gas pipelines building near Sulazhgora brick-works in Petrozavodsk, in settlements of Meliorativny, Shuya, Vilga, New Vilga, Military Town, Bolshoye Voronovo, Marcial Waters, in villages of Konchezero and Spasskaya Guba.

At the support of Gazprom in 2007 the 13-kilometer gas pipeline from gas-distributing station Beryozovskaya to the village of Yanishpole has been constructed; financed by the budget of Karelia 10.9 km of distributive networks were laid in the village. 225 apartments in 22 municipal houses of the village and 48 individual houses were switched on gas. Besides, in the settlement of Beryozovka a basement for modular boiler-house on natural gas has been constructed. In turn Petrozavodsk Municipal Systems, Inc., has prepared and coordinated the plan of switching boiler-houses in settlements Shuya, Meliorativny, Vilga, New Vilga, Military Town station to gas.

At the meeting Sergey Katanandov and Alexey Miller will also discuss plans of gasification of Ladoga lakeside and other southern areas of Karelia, opportunity of commissioning a starting stage of gas pipeline to the settlement of Meliorativny in 2008, transfer of Petrozavodsk - Kondopoga gas pipeline to the property of Gazprom, realization of the project on construction of a site of gas pipeline from Shtokmanovsky gas field in Karelia.

As Pavel Chernov has noted, Government of Karelia supports good business relations with Gazprom, Inc., and its affiliated companies, most of initiatives of republican authorities finds support and understanding of partners.

By now 11 enterprises in Karelia run on natural gas. Since 1996 it has been constructed 77 km of distributive networks in Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga, 7890 apartments and 14 boiler-houses were switched on natural gas.

Use of natural gas allows to lower dependence of the republic on external deliveries of coal and black oil, to reduce harmful influence to environment, to raise investment appeal and business activity of the region.

Thus, realization of the project on development of Shtokmanovsky gas-condensate field will allow to engage 7 thousand people in building, to receive about $2 billion of tax revenues in budget of the republic, to start gasification of the Karelian consumers on the line of Vidyayevo - Volkhov gas pipeline in 2016.

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