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Karelia introdiced new projects at the Northern Dimension forum in St.Petersburg

The first Northern Dimension forum which number of participants includes Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia and Baltic states was held on May 13-14 in St.-Petersburg. Its participants analysed state of affairs in the sphere of realization of projects in the north of Europe, including in Russia. At this significant forum Karelia was represented by the Minister of Economic Development Mikhail Yurinov.

At the forum there worked two sections, our Minister participated in work of the section which concerned logistics and development all of types of transportation. At the seminar a number of logistic companies and new projects have been presented. They have presented both Murmansk area, and Karelia. Mikhail Yurinov has told participants of the forum about two projects.

- It is the White sea port, - the Minister said, - which designing is already conducted. Let me remind, that the port is intended for coal shiftment. Customers there will be enterprises of Vorkuta and Inta.

Some time ago such port existed in Belomorsk, but technoque of the new one will be completely different. At the first stage it will be coal, at the second other sphere will be considered. Unequivocally, that this port will serve not only the White Sea - Baltic channel, and will become a seaport. The project stipulates deepening of approaches to the port to receive large-capacity vessels. Certainly, it will give a new impulse to development of Belomorsk, the project will provide more than 300 workplaces. In a word, we will revive what was forgotten, lost in the 1990s.

As mineral oil prices grow significantly today and the majority of boiler-houses switch to combined fuel: waste wood, peat, or coal. It is really cheaper, thus, the coal mooring issue became very interesting for commercial structures. Coal will come to Belomorsk by sea or by railway, and its shiftment will be accomplished here.

Another project within which government of the republic is actively cooperating with the Russian Railways, Inc., concerns reconstruction of Lyttä and Wärtsilä railway points of crossing. They have been focused on transportation of timber cargoes only and had no necessary equipment for transportation of containers and other cargoes. Lacking points of crossing Karelia is limited in freight traffic. Russian Railways supports the republic actively. This decision will be included into the final protocol of the forum.

- We have addressed to the federal authorities, - has noted Mikhail Yurinov, - to include us in the State Border program for facilitating and reconstruction of points of crossing. We hope to be heard, and this work will renew.

The third direction discussed at the seminar concerned the Ledmozero-Kochkoma project. Government of the republic addressed to the management of Russian Railways, Inc., with a request on necessity to forward cargoe from countries of the European Unions on the given site.

At the forum the question of the maintenance of highways was also discussed. Minister of Economic Development of the republic has taken part in this discussion. It is clear, that there will be no development of cross-border cooperation without normal roads. Conversation about low-density lines testifies that it is simply impossible to use them. Leningrad region has the same position as Karelia, however this year some roads there will be reconstructed.

Aspects of development of logistics in Russia as a whole were discussed at the forum as well. Yet, it was not related to Karelia. Matters concerned construction of the new logistical centers. In the next two or three years construction of 26 logistical centers in territory of the Russian Federation is planned. They are to be quite large - 200 thousand square meters and more of useful area. They will be located in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Volgograd and other large cities. To avoid competition on the logistical centers, the offer was made to create a uniform chain for rendering services of various firms which work in this sphere. We considerably lag behind requirements of countries of the European Union regarding not only rendering services in motor transport, in particular, on handling containers, and the situation is the same in the field of port services and handling of containers for a railway transportation. This theme dominated over all others.

Nail Shabiev

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