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Compared to the last year, volume of housing set in operation in Karelia has grown 1.3 times

On the current data of the Ministry of Сonstruction of Karelia, in ten months of this year in Petrozavodsk, as well as in other towns and regions of the republic due to all sources of financing it has been constructed and commissioned 115,8 thousand square meters of total area of apartment houses. In comparison with the similar period of the previous year the volume of housing set in operation has grown 1.3 times.

Independent builders constructing houses at their own expense and by means of credit resources have set in operation 40,7 thousand square meters that makes more than 33% of the entire volume of constructed housing. From the beginning of the year Petrozavodsk with 8,7 thousand square meters of commissioned housing, as well as builders in Olonets, Kondopoga and Sortavala regions, remain leaders in construction of individual houses. There it has been constructed 7,1 thousand, 4,2 thousand and 2,8 thousand square meters accordingly.

In total this year in Karelia it should be constructed and set in operation 144 thousand square meters of habitation. Hence, as of November 1, the target parameter on commissioning total area of apartment houses is implemented by 80.4%.

Rudolf Yershov

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Created: November 5, 2008. Last updated: November 5, 2008.
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