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Kizhi museum presents a new guidebook album on the open-air museum

The peasant culture museum, one of the first open-air museums in Russia, Kizhi museum is quite popular among Russian and foreign tourists which number grows every year. The season of 2008 became a record for the museum. More than 200 000 people have visited the island.

Coming to Kizhi island everyone wants to take a part of it along - people buy souvenirs or books. Tourists prefer bright guidebooks on the 7-km long island, and not all of them have enough time to get acquainted with its sights. Guidebooks help to travel on the island independently, and also provide with the new information.

A new album guidebook was released in the Kizhi museum. From two other guidebooks released earlier in the museum the latter is notable for text adapted for ordinary visitors and a large number of illustrations. For the first time, the guidebook details both monuments of architecture, and nature of the island which has once had an inluence on those who created masterpieces of its architecture which attract most of the visitors to Kizhi.

In the guidebook there are eight chapters: The Kizhi Architectural Ensemble, Russians from across the Onego Lake, Karelians of Pryazha Region, The Village of Yamka, The Village of Vasilievo, The Pudozh Sector, The Kizhi Necklace, Nature of Kizhi Archipelago.

The readers will receive extensive information on the basic monuments and sectors of the museum, historical villages of the island record of which dates from XVI century, chapels scattered around the Kizhi island and poetically called 'the Kizhi necklace'. The Nature chapter acquaints with riches and beauty of fauna and flora of islands of Kizhi archipelago.

Of course, great attention is paid to Kizhi architectural ensemble, in 1990 included in the UNESCO List of the world cultural and natural heritage.

The album is perfectly illustrated with photoworks by Oleg Semenenko, the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Karelia. His works are supplemented with photos by Mikhail Skripkin, Yuri Protasov, Roman Martyanov, and Alexey Korosov.

The guidebook author is of the museum deputy director Igor Melnikov, Ph.D. in History.

The guidebook album is issued by Scandinavia publishing house, Petrozavodsk.

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