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The ancient Karelians' holiday passed in the village of Mikhailovskoye

The National Unity Day celebrated on November 4 is a nation-wide holiday. In modern history its has been celebrated for only four years. However, despite of almost centenary break in its celebrating, in Karelian Ludiks' village of Mikhailovskoye, Olonets national municipal region, revival of the holiday as of the ancient patron saint's day in honour of the the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, patronesses of national unity in movement for cessation of the Great Revolt in the Russian state at the turn of the 17th century, started in the beginning of the new century. In former times it was the holiday of Kergi in honour of the end of harvesting, and beginning of spinning and weaving. The neighbourhood gathered for the holiday: Kergi was a start of maidens' visits to their relatives, preparation of dowry and weddings… Syndy, the Holy Spirit, came to check up stocks for the winter, as well as brides' skills to spin, embroider and weave.

On November 4 in the rural Cultur Palace there gathered both the village residents, and their guests: as during old times, they hastened to start their visiting. Tatyana Gabukova and ethnographic ensenmble of Pitkä Randajne (Long Coast) met the youth team of thgeir colleagues Skomoroshina from Petrozavodsk and folklore group of Oma pajo Karelian national chorus of the Republican Center of national cultures. Karelian ancient ceremonies, games, songs, dances involved many local young people, guests from the neighbour settlements of Leningrad region and even from St.-Petersburg.

«Such folk festivals promote revival of native language, culture, strengthening of family. The ancient Karelian holiday today, as well as in old days, serves the purpose of teaching patriotism and togetherness of citizens of Karelia for spirituality and morals,» - the Deputy Minister on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations Elena Bogdanova noted in her statement.

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