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National Theatre of Karelia has won the prize of the international festival of Finno-Ugric theatres

On November 24 in the capital of the Republic of Mari-El the city of Ioshkar Ola there passed the Maiatul-VII international festival of Finno-Ugric theatres. 12 troupes from Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Republics of Mari-El, Mordovia and Komi, Komi-Permyak Area and Khanty-Mansi - Yugra Autonomous Area, Gorno-Altai Autonomous Area have taken part in it. Our republic at the festival was represented by the State National Theatre of the Republic of Karelia with its performance of Lembi based on Seppo Kantervo's play.

The Lembi performance has received the prize to the best performance - The Event of he Festival. The National Theatre has already participated in the Maiatul festival a few times: in different years the theatre's performances Where's Your House, Angel on Raisa Mustonen's play and Creation of the World. First and Second Songs after the Kalevala epos won the main awards of this prestigious forum of Finno-Ugric theatres.

Dmitry Svintsov

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