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No less homes than this year to be built in the republic in 2009

Within the period from January to November, 2008 public housing in the region has made 133.4% to the last year's level. In 11 months in Karelia it has been constructed 132,07 thousand square meters of homes, and on results of the year 144 thousand square meters will be put into operation. More than 43 thousand square meters is it is the area of private houses. Such data was cited by the Assistant to the Prime Minister, Minister of Construction of the republic Valery Momotov on December 16 at the session of the Government of Karelia, reporting of realizations of the Housing regional target program for 2004-2010. Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has chaired the session.

According to the Assistant to the Prime Minister, in the next two years it is planned to construct not less than 193.6 thousand square meters of total area of private houses in the republic. The Private Housing Construction Development in the Republic of Karelia branch target program approved this year for the peroid from 2008 throught to 2010 will allow to attain such parameter. Under condition of performance of actions of the program annual growth of volumes of provate houses put in commission will make about 8%.

Due to means of federal and republican budgets this year government support will be rendered 1648 families for improvement of their living conditions.

Under the Housing for Young Families sub-program in 11 months 183 young families have improved their living conditions. This has taken 115,9 million roubles. Certificates have already issued to 90 young families and in addition by the end of the year they will be issued to 40 families more.

Many citizens of the republic improve their living conditions and buy apartments, having received mortgage credits. As Valery Momotov has informed, the mortgage system works well in Karelia. Within the scope of the Mortgage Crediting Development in the Republic of Karelia sub-program more than 4 thousand citizens of the republic have received almost 4 billion roubles of mortgage credits in the past 6 years. On results of 11 months banks have issued 1415 credits and loans in the volume of 1 billion 850 million roubles. Compared to the last year, 1.8 times growth of the number of participants has occured, including 2.7 times growth of the number of participants receiving government support.

This year, the limit of means allocated to the republic for government support of citizens dismissed from military service, liquidators of radiating failures and accidents, as well as forced immigrants and those leaving regions of the Far North and the districts equal to them has also increased. 65 housing certificates which total 92 million roubles are issued to these categories of citizens. In 2007 it was issued 54 certificates to the sum of 51 million roubles.

Construction of 69-apartment house for people moving from the island of Valaam to Sortavala is also financed in Karelia. The first 39 apartments will be ready in December. By the end of construction in 2009 it is planned to receive 50 million roubles of subsidy from the federal budget and allocate 6 million roubles from the budget of the republic.

As for the measures for housing for young families and young experts in the countryside, they have received 14 million roubles of fiances. 7 young families and 6 young experts from 5 regions of the republic participated. Besides, 17 citizens of municipal formations living constantly in the countryside from improved their living conditions.

Valery Momotov has also told about modernization of objects of municipal infrastructure in the republic there. The basic source of financing is the Address investment program. The basic objecs - reconstruction of boiler-house N7 in Kem, construction of new water-intaking constructions in the settlement of Louhi, realization of the Clear Water project in Petrozavodsk, construction of gas mains in Kondopoga region, etc.. The scheduled volume of capital investments in construction and reconstruction of domestic objects in 2008 makes 171.3 million roubles.

Now the Regional Address Program of Moving from Dangerous Houses in 2008 implemented. The republic has received 76,3 million roubles for its financing. 29 million roubles was also provided from the budget of Karelia, and 2,8 million roubles - from budgets of municipal formations. By results of the program implementation, 2,8 thousand square meters of dangerous houses was demolished, 55 families in Petrozavodsk and Kem will move from dangerous houses.

Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has noted that next year all the parameters on housing and improvement of living conditions of citizens should be executed, and no less than this year housing should be constructed.

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