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Head of Karelia has held a regular Internet conference

The annual Internet conference of the Head of Karelia was held on April 27, in Petrozavodsk State University. For two hours Sergey Katanandov was answering questions of citizens of the republic, students of Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, Karelian branch of the Northwest Academy of Public Administration, as well as representatives of the republican mass media.

Questions to the Head of Karelia from the citizens have started to arrive by e-mail and via the server of bodies of the government two weeks prior to the Internet conference, and during the event citizens addresses to the Head of Karelia by phone. Besides, video communication was established from the lecture room with Kostomuksha, Pryazha, Kondopoga, Kem and Suojärvi. The latter three towns have become participants of the information event for the first time.

This Internet conference coincides with the two main holidays of the year 2010 – the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Republic of Karelia. As Sergey Katanandov has told, "the Victory in the Great Patriotic War is the feat of our nation, and now we are doing our best to keep this feat never forgotten." A great volume of works was performed in the republic to reconstruct military burial places and memorials, veterans of war receive various kinds of social support, almost all of them are provided with housing.

As for the anniversary of the republic, according to Sergey Katanandov, it is a holiday for, first of all, people of our region. "Preparing for it we solve strategic tasks of renewal of life of the citizens of Karelia. The holiday will come and go, however, there will remain buildings we have constructed and enterprises we have modernized," – Head of the Republic said.

Besides, construction of some objects which have already been commissioned by now or are just on the point of commissioning was on the list of pre-election promises of the Head of Karelia in the 1990s. "Only now I can say that I have done everything that I promised," – Sergey Katanandov has declared.

However, participants the Internet conference did not confine themselves to asking questions concerning the two anniversary events. Issues discussed in the lecture room concerned the most different spheres of life of the region. Students were concerned with pursuance of the youth policy, employment of graduates, construction of youth centers in towns and regions of the republic, housing construction, increase of the quantity of production of local commodity producers in the shops of Karelia. Journalists asked more questions about economic and political life of the republic. Citizens of Karelia were interested in everyday issues, including reparation of roads, work of the sphere of housing and public utilities, etc.

There have also been many congratulations to the Head of Karelia on his anniversary, as well as words of gratitude to him. During the video communication with Kostomuksha Sergey Katanandov received thanks for the present made to the town – the new swimming pool built there, from Kem they said 'thank you' for financial assistance assigned for reconstruction of the regional hospital. According to the Head of Karelia, support of municipal formations will proceed. For example, a number of activities is approved for celebration of the 225th anniversary of the town of Kem. Funds of the republican budget are assigned to implement the most important of them. The republic will help Kostomuksha to complete the biathlon complex, Kondopoga – to open the School of Olympic Reserve. Active work will be conducted with Lahdenpohja and Sortavala where this winter problems occured in the sphere of housing and public utilities.

From Suojärvi Head of Karelia was asked about the situation in economy of the republic and support to the branch of culture, and questions from Pryazha concerned housing problems of veterans and improvement of pharmaceutical service in small settlements.

At the ceremony of opening a new school in the settlement of Lahkolampi

At the ceremony of opening a new school in the settlement of Lahkolampi

Head of Karelia received an unusual invitation from the settlement of Lahkolampi of Suojärvi region from the school graduates of the Lahkolampi secondary school. In 1999 Sergey Katanandov has taken part in the ceremony of opening of their new school when they were first graders, and now they are graduating and have invited the Head of the region to their celebratory assembly devoted to the Day of Farewell Bell.

In total during the Internet conference by phone, e-mail or personally Sergey Katanandov was asked 191 questions, and had time to answer 41 questions. Others addressed to the Head of the Republic will receive letters of reply.

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