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Head of Karelia participated in the session of the State Council under the President of Russia

On August, 31 Head of Karelia Andrei Nelidov has taken part in the session of the State Council under the President of Russia which discussed issues of complex development of education in Russia. As Dmitry Medvedev has emphasized, it is necessary to repair the disbalance in favour of higher education in the country and to train more mid-level experts.

Making comments on results of the State Council Andrei Nelidov said that it was a clear, precise and pragmatic reasoning concerning vocational training development in the Russian Federation. Indeed, currently this issue is more than actual. As experts predicted, today there are many college-educated people, and very little professionals able to do something with their hands. One may see it at some Karelian enterprises. It has become a problem to find a high-class turner or welder even when well-paid. Such professionals are enticed from region to region.

The president has cited a good example. Once, visiting a professional liceum he paid attention to a person of about 30 years old and asked what he was doing there. The man told him that he was a university graduate, and then he had come to the liceum to learn a trade and start working. It turns out, that the state has wasted money for higher education of this person, and he had wasted his time. If there was competent career guidance money of tax bearers would not had been spent so unreasonably.

The session of the State Council was called to stop this wrong practice. The decisions made will make it possible to train specialists proceeding from needs of the republic or its regions. It makes no sense that universities prepare thousands of lawyers or economists who sign on at the Employment Exchange because they can't find a job. We need many other specialities, including college-educated, but in a correct proportion.

There should be monitoring, a distinct forecast of the labour market's condition, a precise program for development of a network of educational institutions. We should systematize results of discussion and launch a program of vocational training in the republic that would correspond to its real needs and modern standards of education.

As Head of Karelia said, development of such program will be discussed at a special meeting in the Government of the republic. It is supposed, that recommendations of the State Council will underlie the regional program, including offers on perfection of the system of career guidance, increase of prestige of blue-collar occupation, participation of business in co-financing of vocational training and forecasting of need for personnel resources.

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