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Finnish artists brought to Petrozavodsk an exhibition devoted to climate fluctuation

On September, 7 at 4:00 p.m. the municipal City showroom of Petrozavodsk became a venue of Hot-Hot exhibition of Finnish artists. The joint international project is implemented at the support of Administration of Petrozavodsk and Council for Culture and Youth, Joensuu.

Representatives of Finnish delegation in the city hall of Petrozavodsk

Representatives of Finnish delegation in the city hall of Petrozavodsk

Representatives of the Finnish delegation including authors of paintings, heads and representatives of institutions of culture, deputies of the City Council of Joensuu met with administration of Petrozavodsk. During the meeting assistant to the mayor of Petrozavodsk Larisa Podsadnik, main artist of the city Vladimir Lobanov and deputy head of the department of culture Marina Konovalova have told the Finnish visitors about cultural life of the Karelian capital. The parties have expressed readiness to implement joint projects in the field of various kinds of art, to take part in festivals held both in Joensuu, and in Petrozavodsk. Director on culture of Joensuu Janna Puumalainen has informed that in 2012 Joensuu will host the Russian-Finnish cultural forum within which scope our cities have an opportunity to implement interesting joint projects.

The exhibition of works of Finnish artists in Petrozavodsk is devoted to ecological issues related to global climate fluctuation. Such scale exhibition of works of artists from Joensuu is held in Petrozavodsk for the first time for many years in spite of the fact that cultural relations between Joensuu and Petrozavodsk number 16 years. Joensuu is an old partner of the Karelian capital, and not only in the field of culture.

Program of a stay of the Finnish delegation in Petrozavodsk includes acquaintance to work of Karelian museums, city libraries and other establishments in the sphere of culture.

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