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Museum of Fine Arts of the RK presents the exhibition of modern Finnish sculpture and graphic arts

The Finnish Paradox is the title of the exhibition of modern Finnish sculpture and graphic arts which Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia opens on September 23.

It has become a good tradition to present exhibitions of modern Finnish art once a year in the Museum of Fine Arts.

This year it is the second meeting of the audience with artists from Suomi. In March museum presented The Art of Patches and Love exhibition of artist Vuokko Isaksson.

The paradox of art of graphic artist and sculptor Kari Södö and sculptor Jyrki Poussu, two famous artists from the city of Oulu, is, first of all, turning wood, material traditional for Finns, into a piece of actual art although preserving its natural beauty. Sculptors show all the advanced ways of thinking peculiar to actual art: from unusual, unexpected interpretation of images to searching for new senses and erasing edges between arts, for example, they paint their sculptures as abstract canvases. Their compositions are spatial, or stick to walls, or hang from the ceiling creating its own individual and positive environment, and are simultaneously both Finnish, and traditional, and modern.

The exhibition is one of the results of long cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of the RK, the Museum of Fine Arts of the RK and the Committee on Art of Oulu county.

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