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Alexander Khudilainen considers provision of gas supply a priority project for development of Karelia

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

On June, 14 Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen held a conference devoted to the issue of provision of gas supply to the republic. The Cabinet Ministers of Karelia, heads of Olonets, Pitkäranta, Sortavala, Lahdenpohja, Kondopoga and Prionezhsky regions, the city of Petrozavodsk, directors of gas-distributing companies operating in the region took part in the conference.

Last year a new stage of provision of gas supply providing construction of gas mains around Lake Ladoga and switching of towns, settlements and villages to natural gas consumption in Olonets, Pitkäranta, Sortavala and Lahdenpohja regions was launched in Karelia in cooperation with Gazprom. Besides, These works go on in Petrozavodsk, as well as in Prionezhsky and Kondopoga regions, where the gas pipeline was laid several years ago. To avoid failures in the implementation of important projects Alexander Khudilainen has gathered all the officials responsible for provision of gas supply at the conference in the Government of the republic.

"From today all our obligations get under strict control, – Head of Karelia said. – There where the gas comes, life becomes absolutely different regarding the maintenance of housing and communal services, and what concerns the economy. Please realize the full liability and do your best." As Alexander Khudilainen said, he has a broad experience of cooperation with Gazprom, and it has taken three years to install gas service in the Gatchina Area of the Leningrad Region under his direction.

Construction of gas-main pipelines between the Leningrad Region and Karelia and between the Ladoga lakeside region within the republic, construction of distribution networks in settlements, building of new boiler-houses and replacement of worn-out heating mains, swithching of apartment houses to natural gas consumption requires lots of preparatory work both from the Government of Karelia, and from local administrations. The course of fulfillment of commitments was analysed at the conference in detail. For instance, 40 tenement houses will switch to natural gas by the end of the year in Petrozavodsk, a new gas-burning boiler house should be built in the settlement of Konchezero of Kondopoga region, and the main task in the Ladoga lakeside is development of town planning and project documentation for construction of the street gas supply pipeline network.

Alexander Khudilainen has informed, that similar meetings under his direction will be held now on a regular basis, and he considers provision of gas supply to south regions of Karelia just the start. "The republic is large, and it is necessary to bring gas to both areas adjoining the large gas pipe, and to the rest of Karelia," – said head of the region. Current issues of provision of gas supply Alexander Khudilainen intends to discuss at the meeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller scheduled for July.

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