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Production of novel products at Onego Tractor Plant will double

In the course of the talks

In the course of the talks

Today Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen had a meeting with Mikhail Bolotin, President of Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.

– It's good to realise that adoption of the law on support of investment activity in the Republic of Karelia helps appreciably to attract new investors to the republic. And the results are obvious. Thus, Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. has made a policy decision to double production of new types of machines at Onego Tractor Plant next year, – Alexander Khudilainen emphasized.

Onego Tractor Plant Ltd. is one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Russia. It is the leading developer and producer of machinery for forest industry used in the European part of our country. Since 2007 it is a part of the Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. which comprises 16 engineering and 4 iron and steel enterprises located in ten constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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