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Alexander Khudilainen attended the opening night of the new program of the Kantele ensemble

Head of Karelia congratulates actors of the Kantele ensemble on the first run of the program

Head of Karelia congratulates actors of the Kantele ensemble on the first run of the program

On December, 3 the National Song and Dance Ensemble Kantele presented the new and unusual program K@ntele-style on the stage of the State Musical Theater. Alexander Khudilainen has attended the opening night. Head of Karelia places high emphasis on development of national culture and preservation of national traditions.

Distinctiveness pf Karelian culture, magic sounds of traditional musical instruments, vibrance of costumes, composed poetry, teasing folk music - these are features of K@ntele-style.

The new Kantele's program is an experiment which involves sounds of electric musical instruments, innovative orchestration, fusion of national choreography and folk-modern plastic art.

As the K@ntele-style creators say, this program is an attempt to bring folk music and choreography closer to the modern audience, to make it interesting to young people, let them feel the harmonic relation to the beginnings of Karelian heritage. By the way, the advertising bill of the program was made by talented young people from Petrozavodsk.

Upon conclusion of the performance Head of Karelia has congratulated Director of the ensemble Lilia Stepanova and the team of the Kantele on their success having mentioned that the show was a true gift to the audience.

- This ensemble can not be confused with anybody else. Kantele is Karela's pride, and even more, its the pride of Russia! They deseve the affectionate feelings of their audience. Not every time when we got to this or that concer we feel the magnificent tornado of emotions. We are grateful to Kantele for preservation of traditions and national culture. We wish you new creative ideas, grateful and enthusiastic audience, and long artistic career, - Alexander Khudilainen said.

The prize for Marina Ustinova

The prize for Marina Ustinova

Minister of Culture of the republic Elena Bogdanova who also attended the opening night of the show has thanked Kantele for bravery and readiness for experiments. Elena Bogdanova has pointed out that all programs of Kantele, no matter how experimental they are, rest upon affection for Karelian culture and traditional art.

In the solemn atmosphere Head Choirmaster of Kantele Marina Ustinova was presented with the rank of the Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation. Head Choirmaster received the award from Alexander Khudilainen's hands.

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