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Head of Karelia: "Development of the unique deposit in Pudozh region is one of the growth areas for the republic"

On February 5 Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has taken part in the session of the expert council established at the Ministry of Economic Development of the republic and called to consider the most important issues of development of the state regional policy ion the sphere of economy.

The meeting took place in Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science under the leadership of the Presidium Chairman Alexander Titov. The council participants, representatives of scientific and educational institutions, have discussed the concept of exploitation of the mineral base of Pudozh region.

According to geological prospecting of recent years, rich metalliferous deposits were revealed in Pudozh region. 4 large fields of mineral resources are known and partly discovered now. There is the largest in the North-West of Russia deposit of titanium magnetite ores. Among commercial components there are iron, titanium, vanadium, copper, gold, and platinum group elements. Chromium ore deposit is unique on its scale. There are also nickel, deposits of road metal, granite, gabbro-diabase and facing materials.

As it was observed during the session, development of the mineral base of Pudozh region will enable attraction of considerable volume of investments, establishment of new industrial enterprises and stimulation of development of the economy. Transport, electric-power and social infrastructure will develop during the project implementation. These issues are supposed to be solved on the basis of the private-public partnership, as investments will be provided both by the state, and by business community.

The councillors have discussed problems of development of modern industrial complex in Pudozh region, have stated their remarks and made offers. They concerned estimations of real stocks of minerals and technological possibilities of their development, ecological risks and restrictions at implementation of the project, its financial expenses and recoupment, searching for highly skilled manpower, and maximum use of local power resources. Matters also concerned the necessity of establishing an integrated academic and research expedition, which goal and task will be wellfield performance, ecological and economic evaluation of minerals of Pudozh region.

As a whole, in the opinion of the expert council, the idea of implementation of this large-scale project is prospective.

– The idea of the Pudozh Megaproject is an example of integrated solution of large-scale problems related to development of the territory. There are not many similar examples today, and implementation of this project could make an exemplification, – the Presidium Chairman of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Titov has told. – Now our main tasks are consolidation of knowledge which may be used at the stage of preparation and implementation of the project, as well as consolidation of efforts of the Government of the republic, the expert community and the public in order to launch the project.

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has thanked councillors for their personal involvement to the issue of the Pudozh Megaproject.

– Development of the unique deposit in Pudozh region is one of the growth areas for the republic which may fundamentally change the economy of Karelia. The opinion of the scientific community will be a powerful argument at making the decision on the project implementation at the level of the Government of Russia, – Head of the republic said.

According to Alexander Khudilainen, prospects of the Pudozh Megaproject were already at various times considered at meetings of the federal level, including the meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. On his instruction this issue is under scrutiny of First Deputy Prime Minister the Government of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov and Assistant to President of Russia Andrei Belousov.

A lot of work is ahead regarding further study of prospects of use of the mineral base of Pudozh region for submission to the federal structures.

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