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Summing up the work of the participants of the group on industrial production development established within the State Commission for preparation for the 100th anniversary of Karelia

A meeting with the participation of Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Rashid Nurgaliyev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov and Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen took place in the Government of Russia on April 15. Results of the working trip of participants of the working group on industrial production development established within the State Commission for preparation for the 100th anniversary of the republic to Karelia were discussed at the meeting. The day before participants of the working group have visited the main industrial enterprises of Petrozavodsk.

In his opening remarks Alexander Khudilainen has told that within a year since May, 24, when President of Russia Vladimir Putin had signed the order on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia, essential work has been performed to define prospects of development of the region. Five working groups had been formed, two sessions of the State Commission with participation of 11 Ministers of Government of the Russian Federation have been held.

- Every working group prepared its proposals on launching sites and spheres of development of the republic that undoubtedly may change the situation in Karelia and improve living standards, - Head of Karelia has pointed out.

Rashid Nurgaliyev has mentioned that trips to all regions have enabled gaining a complete grasp of the republic, to launch a dialogue between the federal ministries concerning development of Karelia. The leading part in this process should belong to industrial enterprises.

Georgy Kalamanov, in turn, spoke about Karelia's industrial prospects confirmed by the trip about industrial enterprises of Petrozavodsk. Among priorities he has mentioned development of timber industry complex, mining, revival of shipbuilding, innovative research of young scientists from Petrozavodsk State University.

- As result, we should have a complete program of development of industry of the republic, understand those directions on which we will count in the next 10 years. Measures of the state support on the federal and regional levels will enable further development of these spheres, - Georgy Kalamanov has told.

Plans of industrial development cannot be made without opinion and experience of heads of enterprises. Therefore, directors of the Karelian companies working in different branches have got an opportunity to speak out at the meeting. They have told not only about investment projects they're preparing, but also about the problems which solution would help to expand production capacity and enter into new commodity markets.

According to Nikolai Shakolin, Executive Director of Petrozavodskmash JSC, which is of the backbone enterprises of Petrozavodsk, thanks to the enterprise's accession to the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, complex modernisation has been accomplished at the enterprise, the factory is provided by orders for the nuclear industry for several years ahead. Along with modern equipment today the enterprise is facing reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities and railway access roads, issues of social security of workers.

Director of MB Barbell Vadim Markelov has told about the problems faced by small business. For many years his company has been producing sporting equipment, and has become famous both in Russia, and abroad. According to Vadim Markelov, entrepreneurs are concerned about increase in land tax caused by the growth of cadastral values of real estate, severe requirements of tax departments at performance field checks, complexities regarding customs registration at purchase of foreign machine tools and export deliveries, termination of rail transportation in small containers.

Valery Puchkov, Executive Director of Kalevala Woodworking Plant Ltd. has told about at the meeting plans on building the second turn of Oriented Strand Board production. At the moment the enterprise has gained one third of Russian commodity market and has a possibility to increase its share. However, further development is conditioned by possession of own forest resources on lease.

Head of Karelia has informed that the Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology of the Republic of Karelia is cancelling lease contracts with unfair woodland tenants, to let such enterprises as Kalevala Woodworking Plant Ltd., the Karelian pulp-and-paper industrial complexes strengthen their forest resource base and think of new projects.

Eduard Krul, Director General of the Yagoda Karelii (Berry of Karelia) Production Company Ltd. has suggested representatives of federal ministries to consider the issue of replacement of imported components of Russian food industry. Karelian factory produces jams and fillings for dairy products made of cranberry, cowberry, bilberry, cloudberry, etc. picked in the republic. However, large dairy factories owned by transnational corporations prefer to purchase similar components abroad.

Members of working groups within the State Commission on preparation for the 100th anniversary of Karelia have told about new possibilities of supporting manufacturing enterprises. In particular, Natalia Larionova, Head of the Department of Small and Medium Business of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, has told that agency of credit guarantees with 50 billion roubles of capital investments is founded in the country. The agency will be able to issue guarantees to banks within investment projects. "We hope that Karelia joins this work. We'll be ready to make a selection of projects in summer," - Natalia Larionova has told.

Representative of the State Corporation The Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) Ilya Krivogov has added that analysis of work of affiliated credit organisation Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support in Karelia indicates great prospects of development of the republic. He has told about preferential programs for entrepreneurs and has invited them to join the teamwork.

Offers and decisions on issues discussed at the meeting in the Government of Karelia will be considered during the next session of the State Commission on preparation for the 100 anniversary of the republic which is scheduled to take place on April 24 in Moscow.

- The State Commission is established to let us change the image of the republic. We should create a strong advanced post of Russia in the Northwest, improve living standards in the republic. We have 6 years of teamwork ahead, - Rashid Nurgaliyev has addressed to all representatives of working groups.

In turn, Head of the republic has observed that on results of work of the State Commission in regions there's an understanding of principles and resources to form a basis for future economy on each municipal formation. Special attention in programs of development of the republic will be paid to Petrozavodsk which today good opportunities for production development.

- Positive dynamics achieved last year is obvious. Active gas distribution network development has already begun, building of highways in the republic and railway infrastructure are conducted, water transportation issues are being solved. If we keep on working like that then in 5-6 years people will see the true value of it, life in territory of Karelia will be entirely different, - Alexander Khudilainen has concluded the meeting.

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