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Happy birthday, Karelia!

Today Olonets welcomes guests with bright and colorful festivities, national spirit and truly Karelian hospitality at the celebration of the Day of the Republic. Celebration events dedicated to this day are held in every corner of this old city of Karelian land.

Olonets is one of the oldest settlements in the Republic. It was Olonets that became a reliable outpost of the Russian state in the West and the administrative center of Karelia in previous centuries. As the Olonets region is national, so the holiday here has a pronounced national spirit.

Unlike all other cities that hosted the Day of the Republic, Olonets has its own logo of the holiday - birch bark rattle. This rattle is an old toy-rattle made of birch bark, which was a popular toy of children in the Olonets province for ages. This is the new brand of the Olonets region and the Republic.

Numerous guests arrived to celebrate the Day of the Republic: delegations from different regions of Finland, Sweden, India, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Leningrad Region, the Republic of Komi and the Chechen Republic, representatives of the regions of Karelia, and tourists.

At the festive opening ceremony of the Day of the Republic, Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of the Republic, addressed the residents of the region from the main stage of the holiday.

"On June 8, 1920, the Karelian labor commune was formed, and Karelian national identity traces its roots to this day. The grateful land of Olonets hosts the holiday this year.

Olonets is truly the pearl of Karelia, the southern gate of the Republic, a historical city that is famous for its traditions, crafts, and citizens. And the Day of the Republic is an opportunity to express many thanks to everyone who lives in and works for the benefit of Karelia," said the Head of the Region.

Artur Parfenchikov noted that very little time remains until the 100th anniversary of the Republic, and it faces great challenges.

"We must unite and do our best in order to meet the anniversary of Karelia with success and achievements," emphasized the Acting Head. "I am sure that the Karelian land has a wonderful future. I wish happiness and good luck to you, Karelia!"

The honorary guest of the holiday - Rashid Nurgaliyev, the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, congratulated the residents on behalf of Nikolai Patrushev, the Chairman of the State Commission for preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council.

In particular, the felicitation states, "I am confident that the Republic of Karelia will enter a many more bright pages into the history of Russia, make a worthy contribution to consolidation of its power and prosperity as the basis of the national security of the Russian Federation."

Elissan Shandalovich, The Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Karelia, and the Metropolitan of Petrozavodsk and Karelian Constantine, the Head of the Karelian Metropolia, addressed the wishes of kindness, happiness, peace and prosperity to the Karelian land.

Alexander Ivanov, the Head of the Olonets National Metropolitan Region, noted that it is a great honor for Olonets residents to host the Day of the Republic.

Olonets has transformed for the holiday, works have been carried out for street maintenance and improvement of the territories, the facades of houses have been renewed, and the buildings and institutions have been renovated.

An extensive cultural program has been prepared for the guests. Today, on the map of Olonets one can find the Street of Craftsmen and Ecological Street, Historical Lane, Fairground, and Karelian Book. Events on festive grounds, exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals, theatrical performances, and competitions are held all over the city. Adults and children participate in various workshops. Vladislav Kosarev, famous for his rare baritone, performed for residents and guests of the holiday on the main stage in Olonets. Another special guest star of the Day of the Republic is the pop singer Stas Kostyushkin. A spectacular dance program "Gravitation" with the participation of one of the best DJs in Russia is prepared for the young people.

Celebrations in Olonets will continue until late night.

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