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2700 People Visited Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival

On August 19, Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival was held for the first time in the Ruskeala Mountain Park. Italian quarry became a venue for musicians and listeners, where Italian music was heard through marble rocks.

The festival program was prepared by Karelian State Philharmonic Society and one of its ensembles the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anatoly Rybalko, the artistic director and chief batonist.

The program included popular Italian classics - arias and symphonic intermezzos from operas by Rossini, Donizetti, Mascagni, Puccini, Verdi and other composers, which are well known to general public, as well as the world-famous Neapolitan songs. The program also included fragments of opera music from the era when the opera in any country was Italian - with Italian tradition, aesthetics and in the Italian language. So, in the first act, Mozart's music from the operas Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro was performed.

The stage starred famous guests: Nikolay Efremov, baritone from Bolshoi Theater, Evgeniy Yuzhin, the golden tenor of Russia, countertenor Timur Slanov, the finalist of All-Russian Open Contest Blue Bird and the owner of a rare male voice, soprano Anastasia Averina and bass Vadim Mokin, both stars of the Musical Theater of Karelia.

Ruskeala Symphony Festival was organized appeared upon an initiative of Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, who, in his welcoming words, congratulated everyone on this historic occasion - the first music festival in Ruskeala.

I want to thank the like-minded fellows, peers, sponsors, those who rekindled dreams of it. This is an example of how to accomplish a great feat by joint efforts, said the Head of the region.

The format of conducting a major musical event under the open sky has proved successful throughout the world, including Russia. However, large musical events under the open sky are still new for Karelia. Despite the unfavorable weather forecast, nature was kind to the festival: the evening was clear and warm, so nothing prevented viewers from enjoying the music.

The festival aroused great interest not only in Karelia. There were particularly many guests from St. Petersburg. About 2700 listeners gathered in the Italian quarry. People came to the festival as part of tourist groups and independently. A spacious venue made it possible to sit comfortably, and any spectator could choose a convenient point for viewing the stage.

At the very end of the festival night, a pleasant surprise was made for the listeners: a colorful firework splashed the sky over Ruskeala.

The festival is planned to become annual. While summing up the event, Artur Parfenchikov thanked all those who made the festival possible, and said that preparations for the second Music Festival in Ruskeala have already begun.

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