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18,000 people took part in Immortal Regiment march to mark the Victory Day

The Victory Day military parade on May 9 was followed by the Immortal Regiment march, which has become an important part of V-Day celebrations and this year has been joined by 18,000 people.

Thousands of people in Petrozavodsk gathered together to commemorate their loved ones who fought for the freedom and independence of Russia during WWII. The Immortal Regiment march started on Lenin Square with crowds moving along Karl Marx Avenue to Kirov Square. Among them was the Head of the Republic Arthur Parfenchikov.

The Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov was among the participants. He carried a portrait of his grandfather, Anton Parfenchikov, who was the leader of a subversive group and went missing in 1944.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this year about 18,000 have joined the Immortal Regiment march in Petrozavodsk, and more than 5000 people have come to watch the Petrozavodsk Garrison V-Day parade.

The number of the Immortal Regiment march participants is increasing every year - this year in increased by 1000 people, with similar events commemorating WWII heroes organized in various regions of Karelia.

The first Immortal Regiment march in Petrozavodsk took place in 2014.

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