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News of the Republic of Karelia


  May, 31Postcard and ex-libris exhibition will open on June, 16 in the National Teatre of Karelia
Octyabrskaya railroad administration together with the Government of Karelia intend to develop production in remote districts of the republic
The Valaam Archipelago natural park has presented new summer water and hiking excursions and ecological tours
  May, 29On May 28, summer tourist season starts in Northern Ladoga lakeside
  May, 26Problems of HIV-infection preventive maintenance are discussed at the Russian-Swedish conference in the capital of Karelia
  May, 24In the new season the ecological route in Kizhi open-air museum will be open for tourists and visitors of the island
Conference in Petrozavodsk is devoted to development of information technologies in municipal education
  May, 23The capital of Karelia will join the noncommercial organization European Cities Against Drugs
  May, 22Photo-exhibition of the international project of the Nordic Council of Ministers "Complex Humanitarian Researches in the White Sea Basin" will open on May 19 in Media-center "Vyhod" Фотоматериалы
The Saga of Norway
Rights of national minorities were discussed in Finland
  May, 18Delegation of Karelia has taken part in carrying out of the Days of the Northwest Federal District of Russia in Belarus Фотоматериалы
Prospects of cooperation of Belarus and Karelia in the field of paper industry were considered in Minsk
  May, 12The Head of Karelia held a working meeting with the Consul General of the Great Britain in St.Petersburg Mr.George Edgar Фотоматериалы
Karel steam-ship was launched at Onego Shipbuilding Factory Фотоматериалы
  May, 11The Head of Karelia commented upon the Annual Address of the President to the Federal Assembly for 2006
The Government of Karelia continues to finance works on converting boiler-houses to use of local of fuel
  May, 10Sergey Katanandov considers that wooden housing construction has excellent prospects Фотоматериалы
The first meeting of the Board of Guardians of Karelian Military School took place on May, 5 in the hall for Governmental sessions Фотоматериалы
The Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has held the exit session of the Council of the Republic in Olonets Фотоматериалы
Suopera multilateral automobile check point will be open in Karelia
  May, 6Kizhi and Valaam still apply for places in the list of seven miracles of Russia Фотоматериалы
Traditional "goose festival" will pass in Karelia
  May, 4 The Second international exhibition forum Karelia Agro Expo 2006 will pass in Petrozavodsk from May, 25 to May, 28
  May, 2Prosperity of Karelia depends upon national concord Фотоматериалы
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