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News of the Republic of Karelia


  November, 28The exhibition "Karelia the tourist - 2002" finished in Petrozavodsk
Counting months before the culmination of the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk
Onego Tractor Plant's production will be presented at the "Russian Wood" exhibition in Vologda Фотоматериалы
  November, 26Cultural forum of two Karelias
  November, 22Berlin-Petrozavodsk: the Head of the Republic of Karelia at the Rusian-German forum
It was decided to create the hockey development fund in Karelia and build an Ice Palace in Petrozavodsk Фотоматериалы
  November, 21From the regions of Karelia to Saint Petersburg
Young sportsmen from Joensuu and of Karelia can train together
The international tourist program on the basis of Karelian-Finnish epos Kalevala is being developed in Karelia
Problems of epic tourism in Karelia are discussed at the Russian-Finnish conference in Petrozavodsk
Travel companies from various regions of Russia and North European countries will present their tourist products at the international exhibition "Karelia the Tourist"
  November, 19The Days of Karelia opened in Saint-Petersburg
The large centre of information technologies training for up to 1000 school teachers per year is created in Karelia
Delegation of Northwest federal district has left to Germany to hold the presentation of investment opportunities of the region
  November, 18Games of Grandfathers Frosts in Olonets
Bronze sculpture of Gavrila Derzhavin, the first governor of Karelia, will be placed in the center of Petrozavodsk in honour of the 300-th anniversary of the city
Folklore festival of Finno-Ugric peoples has gathered creative collectives from the regions of Russia, Finland and Estonia in Karelia
Social problems of frontier territories are discussed at the Russian-Finnish seminar
Finland has alloted Russia 5 thousand sanctions for the international autotransportations - Ministry of Transport of the RF
The forum «e-Northern Dimension» was held on November 11-12 in the Finnish city of Pori
  November, 15The Head of the Republic has performed his report in Strasbourg
  November, 14The Ist International festival "Traditional dances and games of Finno-Ugric peoples" will open in Kostomuksha on November 15
The pensioner from Petrozavodsk has recreated shape of the first Russian tank that was called Mastodon - The Bat and was 9 meters in height
  November, 13The Head of the Republic included in the Russian delegation has left to Strasbourg
  November, 12Export is the subject of special attention of the Government of Karelia
The national library of Karelia has received 800 books as a gift from citizens of Germany
New information technologies in historical and cultural research are introduced on the exhibition in Petrozavodsk Фотоматериалы
  November, 11The powerful timber mill will start operating in Medvezhiegorsk in September of 2003 Фотоматериалы
  November, 10The museum of wooden architecture on the island of Kizhi in 10 years will turn into the modern international tourist center
Color pictures of Petrozavodsk of 1915 made by the imperial photographer Prokudin-Gorsky are handed to Karelia from the library of Congress of the USA
  November, 7The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov Visited the Kingdom of Netherlands within the Delegation of the Council of Federation of Federal Assembly of Russia
  November, 5"Intourist" intends to develop the tourist infrastructure in Karelia
  November, 4Karelia - Sweden: cooperation of social services
In 2003 the Ministry of Railway Transport will allocate 4,3 billion roubles on electrification of the 435-kilometer Idel-Svir site of the railway in Karelia
The international festival in Karelia has gathered 100 young musicians from many regions of Russia, and also from Finland and Croatia
The Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has discussed the idea of construction of buses on the basis of the local tractor factory in Petrozavodsk with the delegation of Consulate General of the Czech Republic Фотоматериалы
Delegation of the Czech Republic has arrived to Karelia for negotiations on trade, economic and cultural cooperation
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