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News of the Republic of Karelia


  February, 26Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev had a working meeting with Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen Фотоматериалы
Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen will take part in the meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation
  February, 24Alexander Khudilainen awarded the Cup of Head of Karelia at the international cross country rally event "Russia – Northern Forest 2015" Фотоматериалы
  February, 19Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen had a meeting with Vladimir Evtushenkov, Chairman of the Sistema JSFC Фотоматериалы
  February, 17Karelia and Tatarstan – mutually advantageous cooperation for the benefit of two republics Фотоматериалы
Alexander Khudilainen and Rustam Minnikhanov signed the Protocol of Implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Tatarstan Фотоматериалы
Alexander Khudilainen had a meeting with Rustam Minnikhanov within the scope of the visit of the Tatarstan delegation to Karelia Фотоматериалы
  February, 13The Government of Karelia approves the plan for sustainable economic growth and social stability through to 2017 Фотоматериалы
  February, 12Alexander Khudilainen had a meeting with the delegation of North Karelia region, Finland Фотоматериалы
  February, 10For the first time the World Cup for Cross Country Rally "Russia – Northern Forest 2015" will take place in Karelia Фотоматериалы
  February, 9Sergei Krikalev has promised to visit Karelia again Фотоматериалы
  February, 5Head of Karelia assigns a task to add urgency to development of platforms for technology parks Фотоматериалы
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