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The Petrozavodsk cathedrals

To the 300th anniversary since Petrozavodsk foundation

The authors: Т.Sorokina, D. Gendelev
E. Matveeva took part in the preparation for publication

The book was published by joint efforts of National archive RK and the publishing house of the republic.
Petrozavodsk, 1999

St. Peter and Paul's cathedral

 St. Peter and Paul cathedral
The view of St.Peter and Paul's cathedral.

By 1772 the old St.Peter and Paul's cathedral came to such a poor condition that it was decided to rebuilt it completely. The artel of carpenters was hired by Petrovsky works to accomplish this goal. They had "to replace the church roof, to cover the cross on the roof with tin-plates, to replace the porches and the gallery walks and to remake the interior as well." In June 1772 rebuilding was accomplished, and in the fall of the same year the church was painted in white, as it is written in the document "to show the following generations hard works of Peter the Great". A larger reconstruction of St.Peter and Paul's cathedral was made in 1789. The foundation was replaced by the stone one, and the lower tier was edged with bricks. To complete the picture the columns were built, and the whole edifice was plastered.

During the next century St. Peter and Paul's cathedral was subjected to repairing and rebuilding again.

In 1826-1829 the iron roof appeared instead of the wooden one, the walls were replastered, new floors were spread, the iconostasis was restored.

In 1851 Synod recognized the necessity of new "rebuilding of St.Peter and Paul's cathedral". Repairing took place in 1855-1856. " During rebuilding - reads the document,- the church spire was edged with white sheet iron, a new gilt cross was made, the holy icons were restored, the iconostasis was covered with gold, the floors, doors and the roof were painted. ". Only for fifteen years St.Peter and Paul's church had not been repaired. By 1871 the outside plaster had fallen down, the roof was leaking. That's why in the summer of 1871 "the roof was made of iron again and the four upper tiers were edged with sheet iron and painted ". In the main altar the floor was so bad that for its repairing the workers had to remove the altar. After repairing the altar was blessed again. It happened on May 30. That day Petrozavodsk celebrated the 200th anniversary since Peter I birthday.

The interior of the temple was made of two tiers. In the lower tier the main side-chapel in the name of the apostols Peter and Paul was located, the other two were located on the upper part, where the choire sang - on the right in the name of Alexii, simple person and on the left - in the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky.

The author of the book "Travelling by the Ladoga and Onega lakes" Ozeretskovsky marked, that in the temple "the iconostasis was painted by foreign artists, and on the icon of John the Theologian the sign was written in Latin-Iohannes". The icons of Petrin times were kept in XIX century as well. They were placed in carved gilt iconostasis.

St. Peter and Paul's church was owned by the foundry office. But it became the town cathedral since 1784, when Petrozavodsk was granted the privileges of a principal town of the province. When Olonetsky eparchy was opened, the archbishop cathedral was placed there.

This was the most ancient building in our city and it was burnt down on October 30, 1924. The city bore an irreplaceable loss:
the only construction of Petrin times disappeared.

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