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Rundown on books by Opolovnikov A.V. and Opolovnikova E.A.

There are books that tell about the eternal, and so they live forever.

We offer you books by Opolovnikov A.V. and Opolovnikova A.E. published by "OPOLO" publishers.

The books are written in a living and vivid language. They are rich in illustrations, most of which are unique. These books can serve as visual theoretical and practical aids for studying the revival of the Russian cultural heritage, including not only architecture but literature, philosophy, applied art, etc. Besides, the books have a detailed annotation in English. They can be a wonderful present both for the Russian people and our foreign guests.

A series of books "Old Russian Wooden Architecture".

Authors: Opolovnikov A.V. and Opolovnikova A.E.

Graphic designer: E.E. Smirnov - honored artist of the Russian Federation, prize-winner of International and All-Russian Book Competitions.

These books are based on the archives of the "OPOLO" publishers being collected by Opolovnikov Alexander Viktorovich (1911-1994) during a long time. He is a doctor of architecture, the State Prize winner of the Soviet Union in 1991, an honoured member of the Russian Academy of Architecture. His daughter - Elena Alexandrovna Opolovnikova - continues developing his ideas and projects. She is a candidate of architecture, a professor of the International Academy of Architecture, a member of the Bureau and the president of the Committee on Wooden Architecture of the Russian department of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, and an honored cultural worker of the Russian Federation.

"Ancient Obdorsk and Polar Legend-Cities"

For the first time in the World Culture History and Literature the development of the huge region of the Earth - the Russian Polar Region from west to east: from Kola to Kolyma - was described. Graphic reconstructions and numerous monument-analogues visually recreate the look of ancient cities built in the XVI-XVII centuries at the world's end near the shores of the Arctic Ocean, the so-called "the Saint Sea". The whole history of the Russian Polar Region comes to life together with the inspired architecture of "the north front of Russia", where the traditions which were peculiar to all cities of Ancient Russia prevailed at that time. The Saint City of Jerusalem served as their prototype.

400 pages (50 printer's sheets), 571 illustrations; foreword by Y.V. Neyolov - the governor of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, captions and detailed annotation of the book are translated into English, extensive bibliography, 221x320 mm format, hardcover, jacket designed with the picture of the ancient emblem of Siberia.

Graphic designer - E.E. Smirnov, honored artist of Russia, prize-winner of International and Russian Book Competitions.

Edition - 12000. Price - 800 roubles.

This book is a winner of Moscow International Book Fair "A Hundred of Best Books of Russia" and a laureate of the "Articture-98" Festival of the Assembly of Architects of Russia. It is awarded the Gold Medal of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

"Izba's Liturgy. A Book about the Russian Peasant's House."

An architectural space of a Russian village with a Russian peasant's house in its heart was called "Izba's liturgy" by Sergey Yesenin.

In a way this book is an encyclopedia of the Russian peasant's house. The author describes design features of Russian peasant's houses, emphasizes the peculiarities of traditional settlements and focuses attention on architectural details.

This book will be especially useful for those who are interested in the history of the Russian life and how it is reflected in the Old Russian wooden architecture.

512 pages (64,5 printer's sheets); 803 illustrations; foreword by R.I. Vyahirev - the President of the committee of directors of public cooperation "Gazprom"; picture's captions and a detailed annotation of the book translated into English; extensive bibliography ; list of geographical names; 221x320 mm format; hardcover; color separation and printing are done in the printing office "Gorenska Tisk" (Slovenia). Edition - 2000 books. Price - from 1500 roubles.

The book is a prize-winner of the Moscow International Book Fair "Best Book of Russia", International Festival "Architecture-2002" and other contests.

In 2002 both books being the first two volumes of the series "Old Russian Wooden Architecture" were awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Art.

The third edition of the series "The land of Irkutsk, the wooden" with the foreword by V.G. Rasputin will be published in the beginning of 2004. The fourth edition is a two-volume edition "The timbered Jerusalem of Russia" (about wooden churches and chapels).

Besides the books mentioned above the "OPOLO" publishers issued another book called "A Tree and Harmony". It will be of interest both for young people and for those who want to learn about the old Russian wooden architecture.

"A Tree and Harmony. Images of the Russian Wooden Architecture".

The book reveals a figurative system of the old Russian wooden monuments, their beauty which comes from understanding of the harmony of life, ethical and aesthetic ideals of the Christian Russia.

The author draws a parallel between a monument's image, the way of thinking and the way of life.

The book is written for young and adult readers who want to experience and understand our heritage.

225 pages (15,7 printer's sheets), 210 illustrations (93 color illustrations), glossary, 165x215 mm format, hardcover with two color illustrations on both sides; printed in the printing plant of children literature in Tver.

Edition - 10 000 books.

Price - 100 roubles (bulk discounts).

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