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The Complex Program for Celebration the 300th Anniversary since Petrozavodsk Foundation

The Ministry of Culture RK

The complex program for celebration the 300th anniversary since Petrozavodsk foundation

The improvement of the territory and town-planning

  • The reconstruction of the Governor's Park (now the Pioneer Park) into the Historical Park
  • The improvement of streets, boulevards, squares including asphalt surfacing reconstruction
  • Roofs and facades of the building repairing
  • The construction of the third part of the Onega lake embankment
  • The improvements of the streets of the historical part of the city
  • The restoration of the monuments of the architecture of Federal significance at Kruglaya Square
  • The reconstruction of the building of the National Theater RK
  • The construction of the airport complex
  • The restoration of the monuments of wooden architecture in the historical part of the city
  • The reconstruction of the Museum Fine Arts
  • The accomplishment of the project "The Green Shield of Petrozavodsk"

Culture, arts, education

  • The holiday of the Slavonic Written Language and Culture
  • "Peter the Great's Assembly" - children museum holiday on the Kizhi island
  • The International festival of folk lore, the handicraft hair
  • The dance marathon of children choreography ensembles "Hello, the World!"
  • The International festival of chamber performances "Lumbushka"
  • The International festival "Kantele"
  • The International jazz festival "The Stars"
  • The International festival "Music. Youth. Hope."
  • All-Russian festival of fine arts for the children of the North "Towards the Sun"
  • The republican children chorus assembly "Laulu"
  • All-Russian competition of amateur singers
  • Theatrical performance dedicated to the jubilation of the city
  • The children's holiday "The City to Children"
  • All-Russian competition of the academic choruses and vocal groups "The Singing Russia"
  • All-Russian competition of dancing groups "Hello, the world"
  • The 5th republican exhibition of children's creativity "The capital of Handicraft people "
  • The Republican research students' conference"To my Petrozavodsk"
  • The interactive exhibition "From mining school founded in 1716 to the lyceum named after Derzhavin"

Publishing and advertising

  • The publishing of the historical-cultural atlas "The City Heritage to Children"
  • The movie shooting "The History of Town-Planning of Petrozavodsk"
  • The movie shooting about the city of Petrozavodsk
  • Advertising booklets and brochures

The Accomplishment of the Projects

  • "The Petrovskaya Harbourt"

Petrozavodsk 300

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