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Russian Federal Security Service Office for the Republic of Karelia
Office Chief: Alexey Pisanyuk
Press-Service: Vladimir E.Ganin
Duty Service: +7(814-2)78-52-03
Telephone: +7(814-2)78-48-56
Address: Andropov Street 5, Petrozavodsk, 185000
General information

FSS Office of Russia for Karelia is a constituent part of Federal Security Service of Russia and provides person, society and state security within the limits of its authority on the territory of the Republic of Karelia as one of subjects of Russian Federation.

Structure and organization of FSS Office Activities are determined by the regulations of Federal Security Service of Russian Federation, confirmed by the President of Russia.

The law base of the FSS Office of Russia for the RK activities are Russian Federal Konstitution, the Konstitution of the Republic of Karelia, federal laws "On Security", "On Federal Security Service in Russian Federation", "On Operative-Investigation Activities", other normative law statements of Federal bodies of state power including the decrees of the President of Russian Federation.

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