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Reference on historical and cultural features of Sortavala region

Territory of the region is located between the North coast of Ladoga and border with Finland. It also includes the famous island of Valaam - tourist object of world level. On Sortavala a site of the border there is Wärtsilä international check point through which the Blue Road of tourism goes connecting Karelia with the countries of Fennoskandia. Tourist potential of the region is supplemented with picturesque natural-landscape complexes and many interesting cultural and historical objects.

Relief of the territory, no less than other areas of Northern Ladoga lakeside, is quite indented, uth through rivers and streams with rapids, divided by towering morainic and rocky ridges. Petsevara mountain, the highest point of Ladoga lakeside, which is a perfect scenic view point - is located there. Tourist tracks to the mountain have been laid during the Finnish times, and they are used now. Among the rivers the most interesting are Tohmajoki and Janisjoki, rising in Finland and running into Ladoga. They have many rapids and low falls representing fine objects of to show the tourists. Rafting and kayaking are offered on both rivers.

Historical and Cultural Potential

30-35 km from internal (lake) border of skerries there is Valaam archipelago consisting of fifty of islands and yielding to no skerries in picturesqueness. Valaam is famous for its natural beauties and architectural complex of the ancient Holy-Transfiguration Valaam Monastery. The archipelago is annually visited by up to hundred thousand tourists and pilgrims from all over the world and their number grows gradually. In many respects thanks to it Sortavala became the second (after Petrozavodsk) tourist center of Karelia. However, and the town itself possesses exclusive travel appeal. It has the status of historical town of the all-Russian value, possesses original architectural shape and has many beautiful architectural objects. About 90 buildings of the town have historical and cultural value. There one can get acquainted with architectural styles of different periods: the West-European modernist style, classicism and neoclassicism, national romanticism, pseudo-Gothic and national wooden architecture. Some interesting buildings are situated in the town vicinities. It is Dr.Vinter's summer residence in Taruniemi, Jaskeläinen's summer residence in Karjavalahti, railway station in Wärtsilä, some houses.

On the number of the state-registered architectural monuments the territory is on the first place among all regions of Karelia. There are 466 objects of this kind here, almost third of all architectural monuments of Karelia.

In the town there is the local history museum of Northern Ladoga lakeside, and there is a unique museum of woodcarving of the national artist of Russia Kronid Gogolev drawing attention of all the town guests without exception. One of the strongest national ensembles of the republic is the choir of war and labour veterans, Russian national choir, female academic choir, Vereya folk ensemble, Monday Children youth theatre studio, Surprise exhibition ensemble.

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