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General information about the local administration

Pudozhsky district of the Republic of Karelia was founded in 1927 by reorganization of the former uyezd of Olonetskaya province and Autonomous Karelian ASSR. Located in the southern-eastern part of Karelia, borders on Archangelskaya and Vologodskaya oblasts of Russian Federation and also with Medvezhegorsky district of the Republic of Karelia. The shore of the Onega Lake forms the western frontier of the district.

The length of the land frontiers of the district makes about 400 kilometers, water frontier - 170 km. The district area is 12,5 thousand of square km., the number of population is 31 thousand, the population density per 1 square km is 2,5. There are 70 settlements in the district.

PudozhThe district center is the town of Pudozh. It is an ancient town, known from 1382. It was reorganized from Nickolsky Pudozhsky pogost into a town by the empress Katherine II decree from May 16 1785. It has the coat-of-arms, approved by the law of the Russian empire from October 4, 1788. It was built by the general plan, approved by the emperor Nickolay I in 1840. The population of the town is 11 thousand.

The head of the local administration

The leadership of the district Soviet of the local power body is made by the head of the local power body elected by direct voting every 4 years.

The current head of the local power body is Vasily I. Malikov. He was elected April 26 1998.

Vasily I.Malikov was born on October 20 1946 in the town of Pudozh. He has higher education, graduated from St.Petersburg Academy of State Service.

The local power body structure

The local power body structure is defined by the Regulations of Pudozhsky district, approved on September 23 1994 by the House of Republic of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia. The representative power body on a district level is Pudozhsky district Soviet of the local power body elected every 4 years.

The current Pudozhsky district Soviet of the local power body and its deputies (21 persons) was elected on April 26 1998. In the Soviet structure there are 4 permanent commissions:

  • on economical development and ecology;
  • budget-financial commission;
  • on dwelling-municipal problems;
  • on social development problems.

The executive power is functioned by the administration of the local power body of Pudozhsky district. Ut includes:

  • economic department;
  • municipial property management committee;
  • architecture department;
  • social policy department;
  • educational department;
  • archive department;
  • department of culture;
  • department of physical culture and sport;
  • department of extreme situations;
  • State technical inspection.

Permanent commissions attached to the administration:

  • comission on juvenile affairs;
  • land reform commission.

On the territory of the district urban, rural and settlement administrations of local power body are functioning.

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