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Population, enterprises, firms

The population of Pudozhsky district is mainly Russian. The nationalities are: Russian-83,6%, Byelorussians - 9,5%, Ukrainians - 2,4%, Karelians - 0,9%, Finns - 0,3%, Vepses - 0,1% - about 40 nationalities all in all.

The basic economics of the district is - logging and woodprocessing industries. The industrial activities of most of enterprises and firms are mining. The forest complex enterprises are combined into the following associations: "Pudozhpromles", composed of former stock holding societies - "Pudozhles", "Pyalmales", "Kubovoles" "Krivetsky FPE". Forestsawing is produced by the firm "Auer and Varlen" (the former Pudozhsky export sawmill) and ZAO "Pudozhsky forest point".

Granit block mining and mining non-ore granulated mass is made by "Granit", "Karelnerud", ZAO "Kashina Gora" "Voskhod".

The number of processing enterprises is represented by the municipal enterprise "Pudozhsky butter-dairy", and state enterprises "Pudozhsky bakery" and "Pudozhsky meat processing factory".

Agricultural complex of the district is made up of sovchozes "Kopodosersky" and "Onezhsky", Z "Nadezhda" (the former "Pudozhsky") and "Niva". The part of peasant, farmer and private holdings in agricultural production is still small.

The contractor constructing enterprises of the district are Z "Pudozhstroy",the branch of "Agropromstroy", repairing constructing enterprise and Pudozhsky road repairing-constructing management.

Transportations are made by the unitary Pudozhsky auto-enterprise. During the navigation between Petrozavodsk and the port of Shala via the Onego Lake hydrofoil "Kometa". is routing. There are two small airports in the town of Pudozh and the settlement of Pyalma, but the communication is not regular. The district has a well developed road infrastructure - more than 200 km of asphalt roads, what makes up 40% of the entire road net. The district is available for heavy river and sea ships up to 5000 tons displacement.

The airport in the town of Pudozh is available for planes of AN-2 and AN-28 types. The nearest railwaystation is Medvezhya Gora in 200 km distance from Pudozh. .

The sphere of consumer service is presented by "Gorbitservice", "Garant". Municipal and power sources supply of the population and enterprises is provided via Pudozhsky district electrical nets (RES-4) and 8 municipal enterprises.

Communication of the district with the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, CIS and abroad is provided by Pudozhsky district communication center, the branch of "Electrosvyaz", and the district department of the Federal mail communication.

The law protection on the territory of the district is provided by the district department of home affairs MHA, district office of public prosecutor, and federal court. The State taxation inspection, taxation police department and the district military commissariat are functioning in the district.

There are 24 high schools, a boarding school, an athletic school, the house of children's creativity, vocational school and musical school in the district.

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