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The Book "The History of Karelia"

The Photos from the Book "The History of Karelia"
The bookcover
The bookcover

On the eve of the celebration of the 80th anniversary since foundation of the Republic of Karelia, a new book "The History of Karelia in Documents (since Ancient times till the Beginning of XX Century) was on sale. The book was prepared by the National archive of the Republic of Karelia together with Petrozavodsk State University.

In the book, some of the issues of the history of Karelia were unlocked for the first time. The narration belongs to the prominent masters of culture and scholars. Among them is the first governor of Olonetsky province G. Derzhavin, the collector of the runes of the epos "Kalevala" E. Lennrot, a famous scholar and traveler N. Ozeretskovsky. The documents in the book tells us about the long-standing charity tradition popular among all the layers of population marked by Katherine II in XVII century.

The documents presenting the revolutionary movement in Olonetsky province are of great interest. For the first time the light was thrown on the activities of all political parties functioning in the province at the beginning of XX century, on the I - IV Duma elections, on the orthodox fellowship works.

The issues of culture and people's education, the role of the bourgeoisie, the information about the first honored citizens of Olonetsky province are placed in the book.

To render the "aroma of history", the documents are published with the old alphabet and spelling. One can study the chronicles, the tsar decrees, the letters of historical personalities exactly as they were written before.

The book could be used at the lessons of History, the Russian Language, and Geography, for research work in senior high school.

The authors: co-workers of the National archive of the Republic of Karelia T. Varukhina, E. Matveeva, I. Petricheva, I. Petukhova, N. Ponomareva, T. Sorokina, N. Shumeiko. The editor is Professor in history A. Afanasyeva.


Created November 16, 2000
Last Updated June 17, 2003
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